Friday, July 12


28/52 - a portrait of my children once a week every week for a year 

J - Oh dear...their is that teenage you again...and you're in the divers seat! 
M - Having some fun with dad in our soon to be backyard! 

Joining in with Jodi @ Che & Fidel 



  1. Oh dear. Did your life flash before your eyes? I can see an 18 year old j now!! Adorable picture of m. Gorgeous. I'm assuming you've been up at your 13 acres this week? It's been quiet here. Xx

  2. Great photos Brenda. Won't be long till your young man will be asking to borrow your car! xo

  3. I love the contrast between your two photos Brenda, the b&w of your young man getting ready to strike out on his own and the photo of such joy with your little girl.


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