Friday, July 1

my creative space.....{another one bites the dust}

Now I should have made my list of crafty projects public ages ago. It seems to have spurred me on. 

This Vogue skirt, has been sitting cut out on the back of my sewing chair for months, waiting for an oppotunity to be completed. 

First, I had to wait till I found the right zipper - Open Ended, 18 inch, metal and just the right colour! 

Then, of course I had to put it off, in order to finish other projects as they came and went.  But finally I got a chance, and took it! 

I followed every instruction, lined up every notch, basted as suggested and pressed hems I no not what! 

 It's a great style of skirt.  The zipper is like the hero - standing out saying "look at me" I'm useful and a feature!  The folded waistband and a little tricky (I've learnt to read the whole pattern through from start to finish, so you get a general idea of what your doing)!  And I chose a fabric with a little stretch, for ease and comfort!

Finally this new item can be added to my wardrobe!

For more completed crafty projects to spur you on...head over here! 


  1. What a brilliant job you have done. I love the skirt. Hope you plan to wear it this weekend.

  2. That looks like a designer skirt, Bren! Nice one. x

  3. This seems like a pretty skirt that you will be wearing a lot, I am curious to see how it looks on you!

  4. Beautiful! Any pictures of you modelling it? Cx

  5. I'm with the last commenter - let's see it on!
    Well done for finishing a job and for what looks like a tricky project.

  6. Oh, it's so pretty! I hope you're going to wear it this weekend for something a bit fancy! xx

  7. Oh how fabulous! When are you going to model it for us? xo

  8. Oh how fabulous! When are you going to model it for us? xo

  9. Looking really good Brenda!!


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