Tuesday, July 26

house quirks


I've realised lately my house has quirks - many of them!

You see, in my preparation for heading off on our overseas travels, one of my tasks includes doing some much needed preparation for the house-sitter. Yes, that includes cleaning the fridge, mopping behind the washing machine, getting the cobwebs in the far corner of the hall and so and so on.

Then I began to think "Oh i must tell her about the door that doesn't shut quite right" or "the kettle lid is broken" or "I tend to keep my towels over here - not in that cupboard", "that light switch is broken", "the floor boards over there are loose (don't worry about that!)"  and "that room has a lean - so drop anything, and it will roll to that corner over there" etc etc etc...

So as my mental list got bigger - i began to write it all down....all of it.

Gee my house as quirks.  It's the way I know and no other, but to someone who doesn't live here, how would they know all this stuff.  It's like the manual to my home.

If you had to write all your little house quirks down, what would be on it?

Any cringe-worthy?

Like all the bedrooms in my house have broken lights! Yep, we just survive on lamps!

Imagine if  I lived in the house above - now wouldn't that be an adventure?? 



  1. he he our latest housesitter manual included, "leave empty eggbox on the chair on the porch with $7 in it and the mysterious non english speaking egglady will fill it !!!!!!!" quirky

  2. I've only been in my current home for 3 and a half months so my list is only just starting to grow.

    The most annoying one is that the automatic garage door doesn't like being shut before 8am, it goes three quarters of the way down and then back up again. Very frustrating when you're running late for work!! Doesn't happen later in the day though, must be a too cold thing

  3. Oh i love this, a real home. We live in a plastic house in Legoland (shouldn't complain, it's the best Army house we've ever had) in one of those just-out-of-the-city estate areas in Canberra. Anyway, our house is only 5 years old now & in the 3.5 years we've been in it, there are doors which only close in Summer time, a short in the children's bathroom light - they can only use heat to see when they brush their teeth at night, there are cracks in the ceiling, the gusts of wind under the garage door blow the door snakes across the hall . . . it goes on & on with these houses they just throw up in no time. Can't wait to build my own home & see what it brings!! Creeks & all, love Posie
    PS we've had some amazing houses in the tropics, filled with character & cyclone survival!!

  4. Such a great post Brenda! Love it... and yes, our house has many, MANY foibles. It is old and full of, er, character!

    And that tree house is stunning! xx

  5. I love this post, Brenda. I can imagine how you're feeling because nobody knows your house like you do. All those quirks make our house so charming in its own little way. When I go out of town or overseas, I always light up when I see our little house and even greet it (as in, "Hi, house!!!!"). I'm crazy that way ;-)


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