Saturday, July 16

Giveaway Part 2 {Do More}

I'm learning new things on doMore Melbourne, VIC

Do you like to learn new things?

Are you itching for some quality "me time" and let your hair down?

Want to have fun? Learn?  A Challenge?  Just something you've always wanted to do?

Well.....step this way...

The team at do More is giving one lucky reader a voucher for their fabulous online course site.  This website is full of courses, (on-line, by distance, classes, one-off's) you name it, they have it....doMore is Australia's Education Marketplace connecting people who love to learn with people who live to teach.

As the name suggests, doMore is about living life to the fullest, and the community exists for people who quite literally want to doMore with their life!  For those who are inspired to learn, doMore offers a world of courses and teachers in everything from Guitar and Cooking lessons to Accounting and Management courses that can be found online and in your local community. It's a place where students can search, compare, read and submit real reviews, make direct enquiries, enroll in courses and manage it all in one place!

Up for grabs is a $150 voucher for any doMore course....

Wow!  I've been doing some searching, and well, if you live in Melbourne, what about some Belly Dancing?
For those in Sydney - check out the yoga classes
Brisbine folks I've got you all sorted with great guitar lessons
Adeliade angels, what about some wine tasting?
and those in Perth, I think you will enjoy some crafty courses
and there are heaps more.... All you have to do to be in the running to win this great giveaway prize, it pop over to the doMore webite, find a course that appeals to you....come back here, and in the comment box let me know what you found.  Of course, if you win, you wont have to do that course....just go have a look!
Please follow my blog if you don't already and ensure I have a way of contacting you if you win.

For extra entries, mention this giveaway via twitter, facebook or on your blog and let me know you've done so (one comment for each)....

*the nitty gritty -
- not transferrable for cash
- you can pick a course for more that $150 and add in the rest yourself. 
- Australian Residents only
- i'll give you the details to discuss directly with the folk at doMore.
 Don't forget to pop back here for more in the next few days, and yesterdays giveaway too!


  1. decisions, descisions, I've always wanted to do pottery!

  2. I would do the QuickType course. I have it on my 52in52 list and need to learn to put my fingers in the right spot when I type. Good luck with your giveaway week and congrats on the birthday!

  3. I would love to do the Creative Institute of Australia PtyLtd Introduction to DSLR Photography I have been wanting to do a course for a long time, teach me!!

  4. Ooh, the vegetarian cooking classes look great - I've been wanting to cook with less meat, but have nfi where to start!

    (Thanks for the heads up on DoMore, too, had never heard of them before!)

  5. I've just signed up to do a craft class so a cooking class would be good, saw one on homemade pasta making in Perth which sounds right up my alley!

  6. Oh i've found a great one, Kristen Beck Beck Health Nutrition Group in Canberra, to nail my health & fitness routine to suit my body type, yes please!! Thanks for such a great giveaway, this would be the gift that keeps on giving!! Love Posie

  7. hands down i'd take the yoga in sydney- i have been dying to get back into classes and domore is affiliated with my favourite studio- samadhi Yoga!

  8. Great giveaway :) I'd definitely do one of the first aid courses. I've been meaning to do one for ages but still haven't gotten to it.


  9. Photography course! I've wanted to for AGES!

    You're going nuts over here!


  10. oh my goodness Bren, what a great giveaway this is!! I know I said that about your others..but really, this one is awesome.
    I will be on this site all night now reading.

    you rock!! ♥

  11. Maybe I will take up the Zumba?!? Hahaha! Or maybe the Yoga is more my style! Less injuries? Maybe?!

  12. Ooh I think I'd learn me some printmaking...or maybe some pregnancy yoga might be more fitting. You are truly a star! :) xx

  13. Oooh would be able to find many appealing things! How lovely - your birthday and we get the presents - has it been yet Brenda or coming up???
    Thanks for such lovely giveaways. xx

  14. ooops - probably messing up your numbers but I forgot to say that I would go for Italian or photography.

  15. oh, pottery. But oh, no, yes, pottery! what a great site! and cool giveaways!

  16. the Intro to digital photography workshop would be my choice - still trying to master my new camera (after having it for over a year) -lol-


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