Wednesday, July 13

Wordless Wednesday {empty lake}

 for more snaps head this way...


  1. Hi! Just stopping by from WW.

    This photograph of a seemingly barren land initially made me feel sad. But on closer look, I see that the water levels have gone down so significantly that you can see the lines on the tree trunks. I hope that lake becomes full again when it rains..

  2. I LOVE this photo. I've always been fascinated by crazy-structured trees like this. I remember when I was a little girl, sitting in the back seat on a long drive through the countryside pretending to take photos of the crazy trees.

  3. Been really lovin' your Wordless Wednesday posts. Wanted to jump in and join since I first saw it last week but I couldn't find a picture as poetic as yours. Looking forward to the next photo. xx

  4. Ok - i know this is WW, but I just need to reassure people that this Lake is purposely drained every few years so as to irradicate some sort of algae that forms. So in a month or so, they will shut the weir gates and the lake will fill up again for the summer! So don't stress folks - not drought related!

  5. wow great pic :) interesting. It would look beautiful when its full!


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