Tuesday, July 12

three ohhhhhhh

Source: flickr.com via Brenda on Pinterest

Oh dear!  It's nearly here....

yep, these are the last few days of my beloved 20's.

I've loved being 20 something.  Infact, I still feel 24 at least!  I know I should embrace turning 30, but it seems like such a leap - like suddenly I'm grown up.

Do you get strange about milestone birthdays.  I didn't think I would.   

But it's given a great idea - and I'll be celebrating in style with a great giveaway on my blog, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime...If you are, ahem, 30-something.  Tell me something amazing about being in your 30's!



  1. Hey I'm only 3 months older than you!! :)
    Hmmm... don't think I'm very qualified then to hand out advice... so I'll sit in the back and take notes. heh heh heh

  2. happy almost-birthday! I get a bit funny about birthdays each year, haha. Also, speaking of giveaways I'm running one at the moment so feel free to stop by if you like. x

  3. 30 plus is all kinds of wonderful. I am turning 36 soon, and am the happiest I have ever been. I think I know myself so much better now than when I was younger. Embrace the three ohhhh - 30 is the new 21!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. happy almost bday Bren!

    enjoy each day, hug those gorgeous creations of yours and smile..just like you always do.

    big hugs ♥

  5. Oh you're so young! Have a lovely birthday- I'm sure you'll find lots to enjoy in your 30's

  6. I couldn't agree with Trace more :) my 30's have been an absolute blast and as I near the big four ohhhh (next year) I am rather excited at what life holds.
    You are only as old as you feel :)

    Happy Birthday Brenda.


  7. I'm 35 but I still feel like I'm 25. I think of myself as a young mum, but seriously I'm like middle aged. Freaking myself out right now!

  8. Happy birthday, Brenda. You sure don't look like you're turning 30. xx

  9. Yay for you! Your thirties rock as much as your twenties... perhaps with a few less cocktails! Stand up and be proud gorgeous Mumma of all you have achieved in your short life. A gentle yet spirited Mumma, a loving and supportive Wife, a crafter extrodinaore and a brilliant friend (even to those who've never actually chatted to you face to face). Your vivacity and generosity of spirit is contagious and I fell honoured to have known you for the short time I have. Wishing you a gorgeous almost birthday :) xx


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