Saturday, July 2

I'm grateful for..{grateful others}

Another week, another grateful day!  And first day of holidays here in Victoria! ahhhhhh......I'm putting my brain in neutral, with no drop offs, pick ups, notices, newsletters, forms to return or places to get to on time (well, there is that dentist appointment) but let me just enjoy the moment a little!

Joining in with the ever gorgeous (now we know for certain that she is as gorgeous as she writes!)  Maxabella....

Today I'm grateful for... The gratefulness of others.  Over the last week, I've been enjoying hearing people around me just be grateful for experiences for them.

1. For hubby, he got to do Kinder duty yesterday (break up day was "footy day!) and he was just grateful for the opportunity to check it out, help out, and have 27 football mad 4 and 5 year olds to tend to.

2. For the gratefulness I see in my children.  We went to our little local pizzeria last night for dinner...  The kids were excited, happy to be out, enjoying the event of dining out.  And on the way home (or should I say long walk to the car) they gazed out at the stars in the sky and the smiles on their little faces was priceless.  I dare say they were grateful for the stars.

3. For all your gratefuls  - I do love Grateful Day.  It's so much fun hoping around to so many blogs and reading what you are all grateful for.  Some are huge things, some are simple, and some are sweet, lovely and can bring tears to my eyes.  I find I start nodding, half way through reading posts - saying to myself "yes, that's lovely to be grateful for that!" And so as much as i love posting on Grateful Day, I love sharing our gratefuls too....

Happy Grateful day...



  1. Oh I so agree - love grateful day. Such a great way to end even the most trying of weeks.
    have a great weekend Brenda

  2. Happy Grateful Day to you too! Isn't is wonderful to throw so much positive energy around?!

    Have a fabulous weekend and many smiles to you!

  3. I love reading other's grateful posts too - and even though I don't usually get around to blogging on Saturdays, i think blogging in general has made me more aware of the beautiful moments in my ordinary life - as it's these moments that I want to capture for ever.

    Ahh, stars - kids really see the good stuff don't they?

    Happy weekend to you Brenda.

  4. Me too, me too!

    And thanks for putting my button on your blog. We look good together, Bren.

    Oh and, me too. Big milestone birthday, I mean... hmmmm... yours is probably turning 30! x

  5. Oh, I love the innocence and what pleases little people. I wish we were so easy to please! And yes, thank goodness for the holidays. I'm going to enjoy doing things without the need to rush to kinder. Oh, how lovely! And even looking forward to a playdate with you during the holidays too ;) xx

  6. A beautiful list of gratefulness you have there. Love having to think about grateful, as it definitely makes days happier XO


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