Friday, July 8

Oh Nigella! Doughnut French Toast

Craving something sweet, I reached for none other than my new friend Nigella Express.  Oh Nigella!  Where have you been all my life.  This is my first Nigella Cookbook.  Yes.  I am a Nigella virgin! 

But it wont be for long.  I have my eye on Domestic Goddess and Feast.  But lets get back to the sweets. 

It was mid Sunday morning, and I had gone on my morning jog on the treddy, put two loads of washing on, entertained the kids and done and general tidying up.  So, my tummy was rumbling, and whilst I know I undid all my good work exercising, these were well worth it. 

Doughnut French toast!!

Here is what you need. 

2 eggs
4 teaspoons of vanilla extract
60 mls of milk
4 slices of bread.  I think I just used the last four slices of day old sourdough bread. 
25g butter
50g caster sugar. 

1.  Beat the eggs with the milk and vanilla in a wide shallow bowl. 
2. soak the break halves in the eggy mixture till it coats. 
3. heat the butter in a fry pan and fry the egg-soaked break until golden and scorched in bits on both sides (about 4 minutes a side on medium heat)
4. put the sugar on a plate and then dip your cooked break in until coated like a sugared doughnut. 

These are for the sweet tooth but i happened to enjoy them with just a squeeze of lemon ontop. 


put the kettle on, sit and marvel at a job well done! 

Thanks Nigella


  1. Oh yum! Nigella has some awesome recipes. I have FEAST and it's pretty good... although it's more for "feast" type meals-derr (ie, parties, special occasions etc) so I don't use it very often... but a good excuse to hold a dinner party for 8 perhaps.

  2. We have this cookbook, but I have never tried the french toast. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow. We love the noodle soup recipe in it, and the mexican scrambled eggs.

  3. hello brunch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reckon even jack would eat that .....

  4. Love, love , love Nigella! Have all her dvds and could watch them all day...she's so passionate about food...and makes themost heavenly things i.e. donut french toast! Could reach in a take a few pieces to have with my slurpy tea ;)
    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend lovely girl and hope you're keeping warm :) xx

  5. Yum! You really must get Domestic Goddess and How To Eat is a much used volume in this house. Can you tell I'm a big fan? I don't have this book though, but your pics make me want to get one!

  6. Far out you live well, Brenda!

    And I love the Nonna pic below. GORGEOUS! x

  7. Oh I love Nigella, but she is so cruel to my waist line. But still, I love her.

    This looks so amazing, I think I might just have donut french toast tomorrow. After all that work you did, you certainly did deserve all that yumminess!


  8. Ooooooh! That looks too delicious! And dangerous. Think I might have to try this tomorrow. :)


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