Wednesday, July 20

my creative space {when more, is, more!}

Nothing is going on here in the singular!  phew, now that I see all the multiples lying around my house, I can understand why I've felt "in production".....

You see, I crafted (no pun intended) a little idea to make some gifts to bring with us overseas.....And when I thought about our lovely ladies in their stunning Italian village....I thought to food, which made me think of cooking....which of course.....make me think of aprons.   These eight aprons, are now safely packed ready for their italian food adventure! 

And for the younger, girls in the family......a little drawstring bag....with little sleeve for a pen or pencil.

Perfect for glasses, a notebook, camera or change. I made eight, but only needed five, but already the other three have been allocated to some special recipients.....I'm kicking myself i didn't make nine so I could keep one myself! 

And then, well, I couldn't stand looking at my bowl overflowing with lemons, that I just had to make some Lemon Butter! 

Yesterday was my Nonna's 81st Birthday, so the kids and I made some hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to take over for morning tea......yum!!!

I finished off some adorable snack mats for the kids.....and no I don't have three kids.....but again, this extra one will have a new home soon!  See I just can't help myself, I'm always making MORE!

They have a plastic covering, so just wipe clean.  My kids LOVE them!  No need for a plate, just sit the snack on the mat and they love sitting a cup on the circle....

My inspiration for these came from here (I changed the wording though)

Actually the only thing singular in my creative space, is this one pair of baby booties I made....but then again, there are two of them.....

More is more, when it comes to craft and you can find so much more in this creative hub...

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  1. Reading this post was exhilirating... I am so amazed by your talent & energy! Kinda jealous actually....

  2. Wow you have been so creative and busy! What great ideas - all of them! Hope you have a brilliant trip away.

  3. I love love love love love love love love love lemon butter in fact the cake I am baking for our morning tea on monday has a layer of it !!!!!!!!! (from woolys) he he

  4. happy birthday my lovely friend! hope you are having a fabulous day.

    loving all the sweet creations here today, especially those gorgeous aprons..and the snack mats!!

    sending you big hugs & virtual cupcakes.
    enjoy sweet girl ♥

  5. Oh my gosh, that is one super super productive week you've had! Love the snack mats and the aprons, there are some lucky soon to be gift recipients out there!

  6. Wow ! That is super impressive ! I love those aprons......and when I first saw them, they reminded me of washing lines in....Italy ! How perfect :)
    Those bags are adorable too.
    I hear birthday greetings are in order - Happy Birthday lovely lady xxxxx

  7. happy birthday to you!!! hope you have a great day XO

    p.s - that lemon butter looks SO good - yum! & you are very clever!

  8. My, you have been productive! Love all your crafty delights...especially the little snack mats.


  9. Happy birthday, Brenda. what wonderful creations you have here. I envy your friends and relatives who will be the lucky recipients of these fab stuff.

  10. Happy birthday lovely we almost share the same birthday mine was yesterday. I hope your day was a special one.

    You have been very busy lots of lovely sewing I bet everyone will enjoy a beautiful handmade creation from you. xo

  11. Wow Brenda, you are on fire! I love your snack mats, and the booties... and i am oh-so envious of your (previously) overflowing lemon bowl. The lemon butter looks too good to eat.

  12. You have absolutely blown me away with the all the crafty goodness in this post. As Sarah said, you are on fire!! I love every single thing that you have made and now I want to learn how to make them too - you've inspired me! I have gone and bookmarked the lemon butter recipe as we still have quite a few on our tree as that I can do and maybe when you get back from Italy you might consider coming to a craft night at Lou's and help us with our sewing (she has just caught the sewing bug too!).......

  13. My word - you put my crafting to shame! All these goodies look fabulous! I think you should have thrown in a jar of lemon butter to each of your giveaway winners!!!!


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