Monday, July 4

fancy some patience

Patience seems to be the order for the day.

And i mean patience of the computer related kind.  The kind, i don't possess.  I never have really.  Once that little hour-glass or colour wheel starts swirling around, i get dubious.  hmmm....I think whilst eyes roll back into my head.  I may even be known to click a little harder at random keys, or vigorously bash the enter button hoping for success.  Heaven forbid I may even scream obscenities at my computer.

Lately my computer has been informing me on a daily basis that my hard drive space is full.

Right.  Get rid of old files.  Done.  Problem still exists.

Purchase new expensive external hard-drive with all these features it really should be capable of vacuuming the house as well!  Have problems installing it, then when it seems to be working, it renders your computer useless for 30 hours whilst it "backs up" all your data.  All 1.5 million files.  1.5 million files.  What the...?

I'm assuming it counts things like photos as singular.  phew.  That explains.  Damn fancy pants!

Ok, so my problems aren't fixed yet, and I so wanted to show you a gorgeous photo of my son when he decided to join me on my fancy pants shoot.  Oh, well, there's always next time.

So whilst my fancy pants is a little late, don't despair!  Just visit this lovely host and join in the fun!

Dress - Local shop
Anorak - Kmart
Boots - Tony Bianco
Scarf - Target
Leggings - Myer


  1. Heeeeelllo hottie! I LOVE this dress and anorak look. Is it that you have the capabilities of making Kmart look good, or are they actually making cute anoraks?

    Hmmm, best to explore. But I love this (and definitely don't love computer issues. I soooo feel your pain!)

    But looking amazing as usual Bren!


  2. oooooohhhhhh how i love stripes x

  3. Yey, I got in!!! Super lovely photos. I do enjoy your Fancy Pants posts together with Kymmie's, of course. Keep it coming xx


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