Sunday, April 17

fancy pants {the what-ings}

Jeggings!  Have you heard of them, got a pair yourself, seen them on others or in the store.  They are everywhere right now.....

And to tell the truth I'm loving them.  I wasn't always convinced, but as with a lot of items, it pays to try things on, and a few weeks ago I found myself doing just that whilst I only had one child in tow.

Jeggings are the love child of Mr Denim having a raunchy affair with Ms Leggings.  So comfy, practical and yet oh so versatile.  I've already dressed these babies, up, down and sideways. Today, with a little splash of sunshine it was perfect with a loose tee and some wedges.

 Oh, so comfy for lounging about with one's feet up.....

These fancy pants will certainly get a lot of wear this season!

And just to let you in on a secret - no longer will I have to refer to our gorgeous host as just a bloggy friend - we're catching up in real life this week!  whoo hoo! So join up with this fancy girl and show us your outfit!

jeggings and top - both Sussan
wedges - Betts
beaded amber necklace - an old one I restrung.
bracelets - Tilkah


  1. I seriously don't have the body to wear leggings without a dress over top!

    You look gorgeous, love everything about your fancy pants outfit :)

    I can just see you and Kym now chattering away until the cows come home...have fun.

  2. I rate the old jeggings very highly!! They make it so easy to wear boots over the top too (no tucking in!)
    And you look totally fab in them too (as expected!!) :-)

  3. My first comment doesn't seem to have shown I'll risk repeating myself :-)
    I think I said something about how much I totally *love* my jeggings - mostly because of the ease with which you can wear boots over the top (no tucking in!).
    Also I know I said how totally fab you look in your jeggings (and that that was to be expected...of course gorgeous!)

  4. How gorgeous are those jeggings? And how gorgeous are YOU in those jeggings? Love how you've pieced it together, and those photos are just so fun! I can't wait to meet you on Wednesday. I can't stop thinking about it. (And I'm a bit nervous too! What shall I wear?) xx

  5. Oh, you look amazing! I was never sure what to make of the ol jeggings phenomena - but you sure pull it off! I love this outfit xx

  6. wish I had the thighs for jeggings...looking gorgeous Brenda!

  7. gonna check these babies out, i'm living in leggings at the moment, and I just bought a top down at our local sussan myself, nice one !!

    ps - hooray for shopping with only one wee tot

  8. Fark love, only you (and the supermodels) can do the jeggings with a top look. Stop it!!!! x

  9. I love your photos, Brenda. You look gorgeous in your jeggings.

  10. Is this post about fashionistas against segregation in the wardrobe! Heh heh, all clothing should have the right to breed in harmony!!! You look gorgeous - I can only dream!

  11. Oh how cool to be catching up DO take lots of pics then!! You look great as usual.

  12. Loving a bit of jegging action! Look kinda more dressy than leggings but more comfy that jeans. You look beautiful as ever!
    Loving the curls :) x


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