Thursday, April 28

my creative space...{finally!}

Oh the benefits of crafting are many.  There is the joy of planning, preparing, selecting fabric, and then watching it come to life as you start the construction.

This project is one of these cases whereby I enjoyed this process fully....

however somewhere during the making, it took a back seat to other projects that propped up and lo and behold, two and half years later was still not complete!

This patchwork quilt, inspired by my daughter who was 6 months old at the time, was made for her cot however next week I shall be dismantling it in place for a bed.

The saying "better late than never" has never been truer than in this case.  So whilst not perfect, this little cot quilt will have a story to tell.  I do hope it looks OK at the end of a single bed!!!!  fingers crossed!

Now, don't take your time to check out more creative types!!!  


  1. I am sure that your daughter will cherish this quilt all her life.
    It is beautiful, and tells a story of love.

  2. Brenda it is adorable and will look great at the end of your daughter's bed.
    I have so many projects that I have neglected. I start on so many projects at once instead of just focusing on the one, that it takes ages to complete something.


  3. It's lovely!

    I have been working on my daughter's quilt, on and off, for a couple of years too. It's single bed size, and I started it when she was still in her cot with the intention of having it ready for her transition into the big bed. Yeah, she'll be 5 in July, so now I'm aiming for her birthday!

    I'm sure yours will be perfect for the end of her bed, or draped over a chair in her room, or even for snuggling under on the couch!

  4. oh it is lovely, beautiful colour palette!

  5. Definitely better late than never. I imagine you are feeling an amazing sense of accomplishment right now. All the more because you didn't give up. That quilt was going to be finished and by god it is! Well done! x

  6. Yay for you! It looks so lovely and will be perfect on the end of her bed. Or snuggled under on the lounge come Winter time. You always choose such lovely fabrics! Good luck with the big girl bed :) x x


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