Sunday, April 3

Fancy Pants - The Copycat

Fashion inspiration can come from many a place.  The least likely for me is now a fashion mag - I hardly buy them or flick through them at the checkout because to me, it's not real. 

The blogging community has also become a great fun for fashion creatives.  I have lots of blogs that I love to check into for the latest on how they put together a stunning outfit. 

I also get inspriation from websites like here, and even certain stores will give you inside scoop on what's  On Trend for each season.  Besides, there's also the lovely sport of people watching and catalogue flicking which is free and gives you nothing but ideas (instead of bombardment of advertisment!) 

This outfit was inspired by a glimpse of a fashion catalogue my local shopping centre made up.  It was free and contained some great ideas for Autumn/Winter.  I didn't buy anything for this outfit - i had everything already.  So there's proof that sometimes you don't need new clothes, rather you need to arrange them differently! 

And this cheeky smile is for our host - who always has the most stunning smile each week! 

where do you get your fashion inspiration from?  

Join in here! 

Wearing:  Pants; Portmans
Blue singlet - Dotti
Black Cardi - Portmans
Scarf - Sportsgirl
Belt - Susan
Boots - Target


  1. do you ever stop smiling Bren & look like the rest of us mere mortals!
    you are just absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Well, you look absolutley gorgeous - and the outfit is stunning too :-)

  3. You look great. I get fashion inspiration from the same place as you... blogs! I love fashion blogs. x

  4. You are rockin the belted scarf my dear! And fab you got it all from your closet.
    Thanks for the link up. I have not had a chance to post or even take pics of outfits... still in the process of moving/cleaning/renos/selling and had some massively LONG days & nights ... yawn... need to catch up on sleep to get rid of these bags under my eyes. ;) xo

  5. Hey gorgeous! I wrote you an absolute essay in this space, and just discovered it didn't work - doh!

    I love that you seek inspiration from your own wardrobe (and those free catalogues). Fabulous! As usual - stunning! I quite like the belt/scarf look and must try it one of these days!

  6. And that smile just warms my heart! You smile with your whole face. Gotta love that ;) xx


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