Monday, April 11

fancy pants {fashions on the field}

Oh my!  What a weekend!  

Invited to a country race meet, by the main sponsors.  My hubby and are were treated to a day out (yes, without children) and were spoilt with the pleasure of being amoungst a great group of people, in a marquee, lovely food and the champagne was flowing....

But, then, alas I look at my race form guide and notice the Fashions on the Field was due to start in 30 minutes - "Oh I must go watch!" I say.  "Watch - huh!  I think you should go in it!"  was the reply i got from a few on my mates on the table.....

With more and more crowding around me, egging me on...I was not about to disappoint them!  So I entered, just for fun, not really thinking my outfit race-wear worthy!  I literally raced out the day before to get a fascinator! 

But lo-and-behold!  I came in third!  Oh, reminiscent of the day I also came third in another race, this one seemed much more fun!  

Linking up with a fashion winner always.....

The first picture in the post made it into the Local Chronicle - your can check it out here. 

Dress - Wish
lace shrug - local dress shop
shoes - sirens
bag - olga berg
umbrella - big W 
fascinator - local shop

ps - hubby backed the winner of the main race too!  Winners all round 



  1. Congratulations, you seem to enjoy the contest from the photos!
    Mmmmm, a fascinator: I would love one for myself, yours is very stylish.

  2. Wooooohoooooo! Well done you! I entered a Fashion in the Field a few months ago and they pretty much took me out the back and shot me like they do to other old nags. So I think your success is fabulous!

  3. You looked beautiful, and like a deserving winner. You were robbed, I say!

    That looks like a great time. Is that a celeb in the first pic?

  4. Look at you strutting your stuff :)
    You look fantastic!!

    Darn, you should've gotten first but meh. And total score with a day out minus kids! xo

  6. Good on you! You look smashing! The whole outfit is tied together perfectly - the shrug, bag and brollie! Yay!

  7. Oh Brenda! Congratulations! You are amazing... and third. YOU GO! (Why of course, because you have the most amazing taste!)

    I'm loving your whole outfit and glad you had a great day. Oh my... I think I need to be part of YOUR fancy pants!


  8. WOW! You looked amazing, and so great you had the courage to enter and just give it a go!

  9. how sensational!! I love being spontaneous and silly - it's so much fun :-)
    Well done you for just going with the fun...and of course for coming 3rd!!!

  10. Hello, Brenda! Been wanting to drop you a note but for some reason everytime I go to the comment box, my internet connection in the house gets cut!

    Anyways, I just want to say you look spectacular!!! ;-)

  11. Fabbo! That's awesome!! We always knew you were one stylin' babe and now you have a medal to prove it. x

  12. How did I miss this one!!!!!! Absolutely stunning...the colours...the combo. I bet it was one of the judge's daughters who was SOOOOO rigged!!! You should have one hands down. So chic :) x x


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