Saturday, April 16

I'm grateful for {the team}

A spring in my step this morning, it's been productive.  Two loads of washing, lots of chores done, date scones baked and eaten with family and shared with neighbours.  The sun is shining and it just makes you feel all warm and wonderful that it;s the weekend.

Joining in with one special lady....

Today I'm grateful for....


We are all apart of a team in some respect.  Work team, family team, sports team or club or committee.  Teams can be good.

I love how my little people are now joining in with their dad in barracking and supporting their footy team.  It brings back memories from my childhood of going to the football with my Dad and brother and us all supporting the same team.

Last week another wonderful woman invited me along to join in with a team of crafters for a catch up and craft session at a local cafe.  It was wonderful sitting and chatting and crafting away a few hours with such inspirational women.

So to check out a whole team of Gratefuls, head over here!!


  1. I couldn't agree more! As soon as you feel the sun on your back, the whole world feels shiny and wonderful...

    PS: I think you might be interested in a sweet jewelry giveaway I'm currently running. If you have a moment, stop by and check out:

  2. ONMG, did you get to meet Cathie, i love her, via her blog. How wonderful!! Completely loving the crafty mummy blogs, i don't like venturing too far from them, love Posie

  3. Love the matching outfits! & I agree, its great to feel part of a team. Hope you enjoy the rest of your productive day! (and find some time to relax too!) X

  4. i like the sound of your craft catch up, what a great idea, a wonderful way to feel motivated and inspired and, juts have some time out too

    Gill xo

  5. go team!! How lovely for you to meet Cathie XO

  6. teams are great - win or lose, at least you're in it together :-)
    have a great weekend

  7. I am not sure I agree with your team choice (!!!!!), but lovely photo!

  8. i can't say I follow any teams Bren, not a footy kinda gal, but your boys look absolutely adorable in their matching outfits.

    so good to see you again last week & hope to see you there more often!

    happy week to you gorgeous girl ♥

  9. How cute is YOUR little team!!!

    I'm not a team person. I just don't get into that stuff BUT I LOVE the idea of being part of a team. I think I just missed the boat on that one. x


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