Saturday, April 2

Today I'm grateful for.....{SURPRISE!!!!}

Catching Whimsy fine art photograph 8x8

Oh what a week!!  And so lovely to be joining in with Bron for Maxabella Loves and our list of gratefuls.

I have but one grateful today!

And that is....


My dearest Dad celebrated his 70th Birthday mid-week.  I acted aloof and unperturbed by his resolve not to have any fuss made his way.  We all agreed that we would oblige, however could not help ourselves when it was discovered that co-incidently my parents would be dining out with a group of their friends on that particular evening for their Food and Wine night.

Hubby and I packed up the kids for the 500km round trip to surprise him at this dinner!!  My brother also made the trip up, so he was surprised - twice.  I had only spoken with him a few hours before the dinner and apologised that his birthday hug and kiss would be perhaps two weeks late.....little did he know!!  I love surprises, he was chuffed to have his family appear before his very eyes - and I'm sure I caught a tear in his eye!! 

Happy Birthday Dad!! 
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  1. Aww thats great :) Birthday suprises are the best!

  2. That must have been a fantastic surprise, your dad must be feeling very special right now.

  3. Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! What a completely fab surprise! How great are you! He must have been so unbelieveable overwhelmed :-)
    and you must be so pooped!!
    have a great weekend

  4. Oh, you are SOOO adorable! I can just imagine that you would have been more excited than him (almost!) You have a heart of gold my dear, and I can't wait to meet you during the holidays!


  5. Ooh I love surprises too!! What a lovely way to celebrate your dad's birthday :)

  6. What a gorgeous surprise, I bet it made his day. Happy 70th to your dad!

  7. That is so very special, I'm sure he had a lovely night.

  8. Awesome! I love Dads. They are so easy to please and I bet he was super chuffed at the trouble his son and daughter went to to surprise him. Your a good egg, Bren. And I promise I won't be nosy and ask what those letters stand for... see, I didn't ask... x

  9. Most gorgeous surprise ever, what a lovely idea, we do this often with our parents too!! Happy birthday to your Daddy, love Posie

  10. beautiful post Bren!
    very special surprise for your dad. something he will definitely treasure & so will you guys.

    you are just plain awesome.


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