Monday, April 18

Paper Giants!

Kerry Packer (Rob Carlton) and Ita Buttrose (Asher Keddie) in Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo.

Did you watch it?  It was on the ABC last night.  I had no idea it was, and just coincidently checked to see what was on and was enthralled.  An epic tale of the rise of CLEO magazine back in the 1970's and the rise of Kerry Packer and his empire.

Asher Keedie plays Ita Butrose and she is just amazing.  I mean, I love Asher anyway (think Offspring!) and she is just a dynamite in this two part series.

It struck me how difficult it must have been for working women in these times, and the challenges they faced and the boundaries they pushed (and pushed and pushed). They way they just take a punt and start this magazine that has become iconic is just phenomenal.   If nothing else, the fashion is amazing!

First look at 'Paper Giants - The Birth Of Cleo' telemovie

Part Two on tonight, 8.30 ABC!


  1. I watched it. I loved it. Those silk shirts with high pants and the trench coats - gorgeous. But mostly I've been intrigued about Ita's life pushing the boundaries as a working (single) mother in the '70s.

  2. Loving it and the clothes, divine!

  3. I watched it too and really enjoyed it (especially the fashion!). Always love Asher in all her roles, there is just something about her... and the guy who plays Kerry Packer does it brilliantly. Will be watching again tonight.

  4. I've ben looking forward to this show - it didn't disappoint! Wasn't she amazing (Ita and Asher!), Ita was waaaay ahead of her time.
    Can't wait for tonight - I've even put the sewing aside for it.

  5. I think I would like this one... but now I've missed part one!!! x

  6. I can't believe I missed it. And now it won't make sense to watch the second half! But I'm loving the fashion too! xx

  7. Oh hasn't this been wonderful! I have just adored the styling, taking me back to a time when my mum and aunties were young and glamorous and my Nana was obsessed with covering her federation home with funky wallpaper!

  8. I also enjoyed it - We were away and recorded it and have sat and watched it twice through. Loved the story line, but the dresses were drool worthy, have now got inspiration overload and need to sit at the machine.


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