Monday, April 4 you keep a secret??


Since blogging, I've been very interested in the way others promote or talk about their blogs with others.

When I started blogging just over a year ago, it was totally on a whim and I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what I would actually be blogging about.  But I fell in love with such a wonderful blogging community and have got to know some amazing people and be inspired.  I feel, now, my blog is finally a nice representation of me, what I like doing and my current journey in life.  I'm blogging because I want to, nothing more or less.

Anyhoo - I'm wondering, do you keep your blog a secret from those near and dear to you?  Perhaps not consciously, but do you just "not mention" it?  Or do you yell it from the rooftop to anyone and everyone that know you?

Do you email out or twitter about your latest post* and do you sit in the tea-room at work discussing your latest comments from those that follow you?

I'm curious, because I reckon it's taken me a good year to finally get the courage to tell people I know I have a blog.  Why?  I'm not entirely sure.  Would they think me silly, odd or judge me differently?  Not sure, but then of course incidentally some friends started to find out and I was getting comments like "why didn't you tell me?" or "I really love checking into your blog!" and then last week, a dear friend text me to say, "Oh i love the slice you made me, now put that on the blog, so I can have the recipe" and my confidence grew.

So perhaps my need for unconscious secrecy were unfounded.   Is it that it's easier to put your self out there to those that don't know you?

So, secret keeper or yell from the rooftop - Which are you?

*I do neither of these, just for the record


  1. I only started blogging last month, but something I've wanted to do for a while. Like you I blog just because I want to, not for any other reason.
    At the moment, I don't tell anyone near to me (location wise), I don't know why, I sometimes kinda feel like some people close to you wont stop by, but will check out your on line antics to keep tabs on what you're up too.
    If they stumble this way so be it, but I like the idea of meeting 'like minded' people regardless of their location. I think that is why I wanted to blog, because when I read others blogs I feel like if they lived near me they are people I'd enjoy being friends with.
    And what ever happens naturally happens!

  2. I am a bit of both. Family know about my little blog whether or not they read it I am not sure. I guess it depends on how excited I am about what I am blogging about as to whether I shout it from the rooftops!


  3. I just started blogging last month too. But I haven't told anyone close except my husband and kids.
    I don't feels a little vulnerable being online and I didn't want any judging or discouraging comments. Afterall, one of the reasons I began blogging was that none of my friends are really interested in crafting and homemaking.
    But I will likely reveal it in time.

  4. I am a secret spice, if someone wants a recipe it sort of comes up that way but most of the time I feel a bit un worthy ...

  5. This is a great post! Its weird but I always feel a bit self-conscious when I mention my blog to certain people - particularly non-creative types... I write very much from the heart and I think that I sometimes forget that people actually read it!!! I'm getting more used to the idea of sharing my blog with others having been blogging for a few years but I know my family think I'm a bit of strange fairy!

    Angela x

    PS thanks for visiting my blog today and saying hi

  6. i'm so glad you brought this up because it's a hot topic in my family. my husband reads my blog but i've kept it a secret from the rest of my friends and family. they know i have a blog but i refuse to tell them the site name (which drives them crazy :)). i'm not sure why i don't want them to read it but i think it's because i want it to be a place of free expression without worrying about what the people in my life will think about me. i think i will eventually let them in but for now i'd like to keep it to myself :)

  7. I don't talk about my blog but I do have it linked to my facebook profile. It is funny because often friends will say something about my blog or what I have been doing and I'm like "how'd you know about that?" and they are like "your blog silly". I guess I find it quite flattering that they actually read it not being bloggers themselves.

  8. This is such a great post - I haven't really told any of my family/friends about my blog but some of them have found it anyway. My sister found it via facebook (I have no idea how) and said it took her ages to realise it was mine!
    But Brenda, if I had your blog, I'd be promoting it from the rooftops!

  9. Interesting. To those who have blogs and 'get it' I can't stop talking about it, because I love it. But to others, I hide it a little more. Just like you though, when people I know have read it, the feed back is so positive I don't know why i get all funny about it. Is it because it exposes a bit more of who we really are? Parts that some people who we know havn't seen before? I am getting a lot more bold now about telling people about it. Maybe because through the blog I have got to know who "I" am all the more and am more confident in defining that.

  10. Definitely a secret keeper!! I have been happy to share with friends who are bloggers but find that alot of my friends don't even read blogs so don't understand my desire to blog.
    Aside from my hubby and children I haven't really shared it with other family be honest I don't think they'd even be interested.

  11. I'm in the middle. Most people know I have a blog (and many read it), but I don't really talk about it much with anyone other than LOML or my blogging sisters. I definitely recommend blogs I like to people I think would like them.

    Blogging is a part of my life, really. It's just sort of there. x

  12. i started my blog for friends and family since we are living overseas, i wanted them to feel part of the littles lives and have a chance to watch them grow. i never expected i would have more readers who only know us from the blog. this blogging thing is interesting, isn't it?

  13. Happy Blogversary! This is such a great topic Brenda.

    I've been blogging for almost five years (I can't believe it myself!) and just last year I started a Facebook page for my blog. A few friends found out, and then they wanted to stay abreast of my posts (they don't blog), and so Facebook was a great way to keep them in the loop of my updates. Friends and family who don't bother with the computer don't know, but if it comes up in conversation, then I'll say I blog, but if it doesn't come up, I don't mention it either. My blog was originally set up for just my family, but the past year I've discovered a whole new reason for blogging - meeting lovely bloggers just like you! xx

  14. This is very interesting ... I dont really mention my blog to anyone. My hubbie knows and a couple of my best friends know, but I blog for me. I love having followers because they stumbled across me and want to follow but even when I had no followers I was happy. I love my blog but I do feel a little weird bringing it up in conversation. Makes me feel a little silly for some reason. Great topic...

  15. Oh my've read my mind. I confess, I have been blogging since 2009 and only told my other half a couple of weeks ago. Is it judgement, criticism or fear that its not good enough anyway, he didnt mind ..well why would he? Crazy heh!
    I dont share on fb either. I have become a confident blogger recently, its like a fine wine, ages well, sits in your mouth, breathe in the aroma, flavour and body. Oops ..went off there to another tangent. Food for thought.

  16. I'm late to this post but it's an interesting discussion.

    I don't usually tell people in general conversation and I'm always surprised if people I know do read it - often they don't comment but will say "I saw it on your blog" or something.

    I did have it linked to my facebook page at some point but then I got self conscious and I assumed most people forgot about it. Seems some remembered though - I only realised my aunt was regularly reading a few months ago.

    Now I do have a facebook page and I think it cross posts to twitter? Maybe. Occasionally if I post something I think friends might like I'll send it to them (eg a recipe).

    Anyway, enough of my rambling...

  17. interesting topic Brenda and i absolutely understand the dilemma.
    before Amelie started school most of the people I chatted to knew I had a blog because they themselves had one, but now that I meet a whole new crowd I don't really mention it and I don't really tell people I bake unless it has come up in conversation.
    I am a little self conscious like that, i know I probably don't seem like it but i get a bit funny.

    it's funny that Emma said that because she does always talk about blogs when I see her and I love that we can do that! whenever a recipe is questioned I know where to direct her & we laugh about it.

    once you get to see more bloggers you'll realise that it's just part of life and being in melbourne it's easier to find them.

    i love visiting your blog & love that I can say I know you & call you a friend. that's one good thing about blogging!


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