Tuesday, April 19

out-smarted Cinderella style

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I've been out-smarted by my four year old son. 

The other night I read him the story of Cinderella for the first time.  What a magical fairytale....I love it.  He loved it too. 


Ok, so you know that bit where the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella leaves the ball and her glass slipper falls off leaving one for the Prince and Cinderella keeps the other.....  

Right, so you know that bit, we're all agreed that it happens?  

"But mum!"  My son interrupts!  "Every thing is supposed to change back when the clock strikes twelve - why didn't her shoes disappear?" 

Oh dear.....

My whole life I've known the story and never once did this occur to me.  The fairy God Mother does say that EVERYTHING will return back when the clock strikes twelve.  That's the deal.  Is it that girls are just too caught up in the romance of it all, the fairytale, the ideal, the love and beauty?

I was a little baffled by how to answer, "Oh no, the shoes can't disappear - they're made of glass." I bumbled out....

Have you been outsmarted by a little person? How did you handle it? 



  1. This is so funny! There's a glitch in the story and I hadn't even noticed! Damn that your son picked it up. It's ruined it all for all of us ;)

    See you tomorrow! xx

  2. Now obviously I have no idea of the real answer to this - however, my explanation is that all the other things were something the fairy godmother transformed. The slippers were a special gift that she gave to Cinderella...so they had nothing to change back into. (anyway, it worked for me!).
    And have I ever been outsmarted...you mean just today? :-)

  3. I like your boy, clearly listening to the story & lateral thinking, always bothered me too about the shoes!! Why didn't they dissolve?? I would pick up on these in fairy tales & drive my parents nuts, especially as it's late in the day, it's hard to solve the questions of 4y.o.s after 7p.m. I struggle reading Dr Seuss after midday, the prowse is so tongue twisty. Clever boy, just say the Brother Grimm or whoever wrote the fairy tale weren't as smart as your CSI detective. Love Posie

  4. I'm not sure why I have never picked up on that either as those kinds of things normally bug me too! He's a smart boy your Mr 4.

  5. Ha ! Love it!!! What an indicator of what you are going to be in for in times to come! I once got a question from one of our then 4 year olds, asked (after watching one of those heart wrenching ads at Christmas time from the Salvos ie impoverished kids who get no presents or chirstmas lunch) "why doesn't Santa come to poor kids"....wow what to say? We bumbled our way through I recall, but at that very moment I felt very different about silly fictions such as the Easter Bunny and Santa etc...

  6. PS You could sing the praises of the Fairy Godmother, and the slippers were part of her plan along! Wise Fairy God Mother.

  7. aahhh funny little man, he is too smart !!!, jack wanted me to expain what 'soon' means as i say it all the time, that was a curly one once I got into trying to explain it ...

  8. I would definitely say this is a boy thing as my 3 big boys all picked up on that very thing whereas it never once occurred to my daughter :)

  9. I have wondered that but just recently read a version of Cinderella where the Fairy God Mother waves the magic wand over Cinderellas clothes and then pulls the glass slippers out of her pocket!

    Smart kid !

  10. Yes, we have had the same conversation (and I have also often wondered about the shoes). In the Disney version Cinderella actually still has the matching shoe in her possession so I've just said they couldn't disappear because they had been seperated!!

    But I am often outsmarted by my kids - they are amazing little beings!!

  11. So cute ... Lovely blog. Do visit my blog too and leave your footprints by posting comments. Cheers!


  12. Hahaha what a clever lil man! I think he is probably the only one in all history to ever work that out! Way cool.

  13. I like Cate's explanation.
    Gee, what a clever little thinker your boy is.

  14. Oh dear! Hang on, I should have written 'oh yes!' What an amazingly insightful little lad he is. Keep an eye on that one, Bren! x

  15. I don't know if you ever watched Ever After, the Drew Barrymore film which is supposed to be the "fake real story of Cinderella" but the slippers supposedly belonged to Cinderella's real mother - they weren't a magical contribution :D


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