Wednesday, November 17

Wardrobe wednesday {the presidential outing}

Yes, The President is venturing out.

Many a things to prepare and the 'right' outfit is essential.  Something sleek, sophisticated and a touch of disguise so as to ward off any Paparazzi that may have hinted at this outing.   Large glasses a must.

Two special bodyguards are necessary.  Someone who knows the streets well, can list off house numbers quite easily and is very good at pushing those buttons to change the traffic lights!  Another one who can look sweet and innocent and take any attention away from The President is also handy.

In a whirl wind Annual General Meeting last week at my son's Kindergarten this mother duck found herself in the position of President for the 2011 Committee.  There was little fan-fare and no amazement of a female holding such a position of power a la the likes Julia Gillard received, but I was graciously hand-balled a pile of Committee Paraphernalia that I have emerged from and now must venture out and complete her first Presidential responsibility.

Horrible passport photos - check
Working with children's check - check
Police check - (please ignore traffic infringement notices!!) - signed and awaiting!

 Must dash - the red phone is ringing.  Must be Obama to congratulate me!

Trench - Copper St
Tights - Sussan
boots - tony bianco
glasses - Versace (big splurge item pre-children on our Europe adventure!)
headband - Diva


  1. Funny! like your humour. And the coat!

  2. oh I LOVE this. The trench is so cute with the polka dots. And goodluck with the presidential role this year! ;)
    xo MODELmumma

  3. I'm popping through all your posts now and realised I have missed so many of your fabulous posts! Loving this look (and the commentary is hilarious!) I love your style too. Your gorgeous! xx


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