Wednesday, November 24

Captain Jack....

It was a little friends birthday yesterday and he turned 4!

To celebrate, I asked his mum a while back if I could make him some dress-ups for his birthday present.

We decided on a Pirate Costume!  I was rather happy when I found this cute little pirate printed fabric, and thought that I could somehow work with it as part of his costume.  The little different Pirate's printed on the fabric, gave me the idea that I could cut out a triangle and make a bandana (or scarf).    And this little iron on motif was too cute to resist - and every Pirate needs a parrot upon his shoulder!

Happy Birthday Captain Jack - essential pirate costume - a vest, bandana or scarf and of course an eye patch!  May you sail the high sea's with your crew to find fortune and glory!!!

Arggggh, me hearties xx


  1. So, so clever! You are turning into a right little costume making marvel! He is going to be one super cute swash buckler in that groovy get the parrot! Hope all is lovely :) x x

  2. Yay it worked!!! No I'm not a email will explain :) x

  3. My daughter had a pirate party last May. If I knew you then, I would have commissioned you to do one for us too. So cool!

  4. What a great birthday present, you've done a fabulous job on the pirate outfit.

  5. he loves loves loves it x you are a darling

  6. Oh that is just great! You are such a seamstress!


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