Saturday, November 13

today I'm grateful for.....strangers, new friends and old ones

Joining in with the ever so inspirational and wonderful Maxabella Loves on this day to be grateful!

I am grateful for...

1.  Strangers - The other day, it was a lovely sunny hot day. So I put some new shorts on I'd bought ages and ages ago.  Just want to say thank you to the stranger that stopped me at the shops and told me I left the tag on which was swinging along my back side!  Thankyou...

2.  New friends - Meeting new people is nice.  meeting someone you just click with is even better.  I made a new friend.  We bonded during a whole term of swimming lessons with our daughters (who were adamant they did NOT want to participate and would cry each and every lesson).  We gave up said swimming lessons but swapped numbers.  The other day we caught up and we just talked and talked the hours away whilst our children played.  It's nice to make new friends.

3.  Old friends -  Friends you have known for ages.  Friends you can't remember not knowing.  Friends who offer babysit so you can go out.  Love. Good.  Friends.


Are you grateful and want to share?  Go on, join in.



  1. I just love that print. I wish I didn't love so many prints so very much. I have stacks of frames waiting to find a place on the walls already...!

    Thanks for joining Saturday Grateful. I love those strangers too (remember my 'are you okay?' when I was just having a normal day!?)

    Friendships make the world go 'round. x

  2. Lovely post, but you have to be open to these things, you're just NICE!! Some people would be embarrassed & not thank a stranger for pointing out that you're a 'tag dag'. They don't chat to the fellow mummies at swimming lessons. Just being friendly is such a lovely example to your children, imagine how much easier it makes it for them to live a positive life, love Posie

  3. i am grateful that you are going to babysit for us so we can go out for the first time in FOUR YEARS without the peas !!!!!!!!!!!! and it goes without saying i owe you one x

  4. Thanks for a great grateful list. Love it!

  5. I think it's very cool the stranger told you about the tags!!! Wow, love Maxabella's blog hop as yet again I've discovered another cool blog to follow. Pop over to mine one day if you get the time. xx

  6. Ah yes, the tag swing. I have had the happen to me as well. Here's hoping I make friends at swimming lessons today as well. Have beautiful weekend x

  7. i definitely agree with Posie, nice brings nice into your life & it's a perfect example for the little ones.
    love your grateful things today & friendship does make the world a better place ♥

  8. Friends from the pool are the best. I have made a friend who I just click with too. It's a wonderful thing. And old friends are divine. Strangers who tell you nice things, like "you have spinach in your teeth", or "I love your dress" (told to me on Thursday at the library of all place) are gorgeous. I am forever thankful!

  9. I am terrible at meeting new people - too shy! Old friends are good and glad you made a new one sounds really nice!

  10. Love your list, just came across your blog and im now following. x

  11. Gorgeous post! I love it. Having had to make a myriad of new friends each time we've moved, I sat nodding away at everything you said. I've just become your newest follower! Great blog. Kirsty


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