Thursday, November 4

my creative space...

I started a much needed clean out of my actual creative space last night.  I'm fortunate enough to have an entire room dedicated to my crafty world and even if that room is more like a cupboard, this teeny tiny room, just behind the front door is my little haven where I go to create, be inspired and very practically where I store all my crafty belongings!

Our house is old, and I often wonder what this room would have been back in the 30's or 40's when this house would have been built.  I like to think it was a fancy cloak room, one where the ladies would de-robe from their fur coats (tut tut!) and the men would leave their waist-coats and hats.  

During my clean up, I came across some beautiful deep purple coloured silk dupion fabric. Only it wasn't fabric, it was a dress that I had made myself some 10 years ago, that I actually forgot about.

This morning, I tried it on.  It still fits!  Yep - 10 years and two babies later, this little beauty fits.  I remember buying this fabric whilst a uni student (and working at Lincraft) so I must have got it at staff discount price.  I admire that I was courageous enough to cut into such beautiful fabric and make a dress of it.  I do remember it was my 'good dress' back then!   I wonder what made me banish it to the back of my fabric cupboard???  Anyone else done that?

I'm wondering if I can still get away with wearing it...It needs to be re-hemmed though - anyone know how best to hem silk??

Delve deep into the cupboard of more creativity here!


  1. Love the colour, and you look great!


  2. You can absolutely get away with wearing it - put on a stacked heel and rock it, Brenda!

    Boasty-boaster Bren - I'd have Buckleys of getting into anything 10 years old in my cupboard... but maybe soon!?!? x

  3. what a great find ! Super that it still fits ... I would neen 2 dresses to sew togheter after 10 years and 2 babies :-)

  4. So many ways you can wear that dress (sorry, i mean ROCK THAT DRESS) with a cardi, or tights, or knee high boots, awesome work!!
    Oh no, i made a horrible remark about Lincraft on my blog today, nasty gruff sales person, sure you were a fabulous when you worked there!! I worked in part time retail when i was at Uni too, i appreciated my jobs & loathe poor customer service. Anyway, if you find any off cuts from that silk, make some sweet accessories!! Love Posie
    PS i could sill fit into my wedding dress after 4 babies, it was turning 30 that ruined me, carbs are evil!!

  5. Congratulations on fitting into the dress and looking great in it! And for making it yourself!! I stuff clothes in the back of my wardrobe all the time. Never found any great surprises like this though, maybe one day.

  6. love the colour and style. sorry don't know how to hem.
    looks GREAT on you!!!!

  7. Wow 2 kids and 10 years later and it fits! Totally still looks good

  8. i'm super impressed you can fit into something after 10 years and 2 kids. no way i could!


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