Monday, November 15

it's a twin thing...

It's a special bloggy friends birthday today.  Special because when I first landed into the world of her blog many months ago, I got a feeling that I knew I would be back to visit again and again.  And who wouldn't - it's filled to the brim with creativity, yummy food, gorgeous family tales and triumphs with a twist of humour that will give you a good belly laugh.   A visit to her blog just makes me smile! 

(My gorgeous surprise birthday gift from Steph!)

Yes, I'm talking about Steph from Mon Petit Poppet.  

(Nigella, watch out, Steph is in the kitchen!)

And over the past few months, I've enjoyed Steph's generosity, friendship and stories of motherhood!     

(her poppet and mine! - Even my son had to take a moment to work out which was his sister!) 

To add another dimension onto this, on many occasion Steph and I have found ourselves uncannily crafting away at the same project....

(Steph's heavenly kitchen aid!!!)

(gorgeous lunch bag Steph made Bijou - and emailed me the pattern! with handy hints! 
 bless she is from the heavens!!!!) 

or planning to make the same thing, falling in love with a new kitchen appliance and, well sometimes we even dress the same. Yes, i kid you not the day Steph posted this fashion outfit (left) - I was wearing said outift (right).  

 (Steph and Me!) 

So now when talking about Steph to anyone that will listen, i just refer to her as my Queensland twin. 

So if you have not been over to visit her, get your butt over there quick smart!  It's her Birthday after all!!  

Happy Birthday dear friend!  If I could pop over and give you a big hug or bake you a cake I would.  
Have a fabulous day (i know you will!) 

ps - birthday package on it's way to you soon


  1. Awww, this is so lovely! So nice to see that you and Steph have such a wonderful bloggy relationship! I love my blogging friends too!

  2. Oh i love Steph too!! It's so fantastic when you meet someone you totally click with, i get to find someone new every time i move & it's fabulous!! So sweet for your children too!! Love Posie

  3. Your two little poppets look so much alike! This blogging world is a wonderful place when you meet a kindred spirit. xo

  4. You are an angel! Smiling through happy tears here at the moment!! So lovely to hear your voice on the phone today...hope I didn't race you off...was a little in shock I think! Much, much love to you my Melbourne twin! :) x x

  5. Steph is as lovly in real life as she is in Blogland - I am so glad that I moved to Brisbane and can now call her a real friend:) I am certain that the two of you will meet one day:)

  6. what a sweet post Brenda!
    beautiful world this blog community & the people you meet are just simply amazing.
    I definitely think you two will just HAVE to!!

  7. Oh, I love your twin as much as you! (And what good style you both have). And that kitchen aid? Oh, drool! xx


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