Saturday, November 20

i'm grateful for.....

Oh with this sunshine Melbourne is getting today, it's easy to feel grateful.  Joining in with Maxabella Loves on this day to be grateful.....

1. Trying something new - My son was quite adamant that he did not want to dress up for Dress Up Day at Kinder yesterday, however at the 11th hour changed his mind and he had his mother in a slight whirl to get a costume together, but we managed and I think, he loved trying something new.

2. Sleep-ins - Whilst not an official sleep like a log sleep-in, this morning (after a rather late night out by my standards last night) I was given the luxury of laying in (listening to my raucous children awake at 6.15am) whilst my mother-in-law attended to them.  Thankyou!

3. Finding some adorable new blogs - if you haven't already, check these ones out.

melanie swan designs
my spirited baby
a day in the life of us

4. reaching 100 followers!  Man you guys rock.  I'm not afraid to say it, but when I saw it click over, I was a little happy, a little excited, and still a little surprised that what I put here people come and read.  But I'll mostly be grateful xx

Happy Grateful day to you all

(forget where the image is from!)


  1. First time reading you blog found you via Maxabella loves.... gratz on the 100 followers....I think I just made it 101... lol...
    I got a lay in this week thanks to my husband...don't you just love that you can hear them but you don't have to do a thing except close you eyes and go back to sleep for a little while ..
    have a blessed weekend

  2. Do you remember that I staged a street parade I hit 100? I think it's a great event in a blogger's life. Like a 21st or something :). I went over and checked out the fireman costume and you've done it again. Just such a clever, inventive person, Brenda. I love it.

    Happy day to you! x

  3. Sleep-inns and Dress ups! a few of my fav things!

  4. Keep up the costume enthusiasm, love Posie

  5. Congratulations on reaching 100, these are people with very discerning taste!

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Felicity x

    PS Loving today's image!

  6. I'm very grateful to you for sharing that picture... I think I need it tattooed on my forehead after a trying week. Congrats on your 1oo followers... what a lovely bunch we are!

  7. I just discovered your blog through Maxabella and I'm so glad I did. I love your list!

  8. Happy 102nd follower.
    I am in awe of people who can craft anything.
    I love your grateful list too.

  9. Happy 100 Anniversary. It's so exciting to have that many followers. So exciting. You are loved in blogland. And I'm so proud to be one of your followers.

    Plus, you've made my week. Thank you for your lovely promotion of my blog. It's my grateful for today! xx

  10. Hooray on 100. I love that image with the typewriter. And, yes, any sleep-in is a good sleep-in in my book!

  11. So how are you celebrating your 100 followers? Party? Happy dance? Tis so exciting! xx

  12. Congrats on the 100 followers! Well deserved. Congrats also on the clever last minute costume designing! Sleep-ins are just so much more appreciated when they are few and far between aren't they?!

  13. wow thanks for mentioning my blog! No surprise people follow your blog.
    Sleep ins are the best aren't they! Hope you feel refreshed

  14. OH...the joys and BLISS of a sleep-in...or even a lay-in is such a nice treat for a Mumma!
    LOVELY post :)


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