Friday, November 19

It was an emergency....

Quick, it's an emergency....

What?  where?  who?

Dress up day at Kinder!

Oh - that type of Emergency....Yes, but my son is ill inclined to 'dress-up' and avoided all topics of conversation in the lead up to this day.  

Criteria was the little kinder kids had to dress up as a character from a story book they had.  This was so it ruled out a super-hero battle with the likes of Batman, Superman, Ben 10 and a few Ninja's trying to work out which was was superior.  Not that this would have helped, my son has no idea who these superhero's are - hasn't watched one episode of Batman, never seen Spiderman and well, Ben 10 is just the guy that is on a spare pair of pj's he owns.

Finally, on about Wednesday this week, he was keen to dress up as a Fireman.  Right.  Raided my fabric supply - not very fire-man stocked.  Luckly a girlfriend had some yellow overalls in her daughters dress up box and I was given permission to "do whatever" to them!

Quick visit to Spotlight - grrrrrrrr......still no Fireman-esque badges, emblems - nothing.  My son insisted that his Fireman outfit had to have a number on it.  Ok, what number (I feared he would choose 4 or 5 numbers making him look more like a jailed in-mate that a service man) but he settled for the number 10.

Few bits of red fabric, fireman's badge whipped up few minutes before heading out the door and a hat and this little 'anti-dress up's boy' was so excited!!!  Helped having Nonna and Nonno here for extra encouragement!

neh-nah-neh-nah-neh-nah............emergency over....phew



  1. Wow, that's awesome! I initially thought it was bought. Great job!

  2. My 4 were never big on dress ups, handmade ones it is for all their book parades!! Personally i find these dress up events another reason to torture mothers, at school there are colour days, crazy days, international days, all requiring a unique dress up. Love Posie

  3. Um. Has anyone ever not gone to Spotlight and said GRRRRR? Fabulous non-superhero-ed costumery...

  4. You are too much! That's it, I'm nominating you for Mother of the Year. x

  5. You are a super star. My little Mr 4 years old would love to dress up in that outfit.
    My sons have never watched Spiderman AKA Superman interchangably but how they knew who he was I have no idea. We were given old SM dressups from cousins.
    Same for Ben 10 I was like who ...we have no Ben 10 toys either.
    I 2nd that nomination for Mother of the year.

  6. Amazing! Your a star whipping that up in no time - I would have been lost!


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