Thursday, November 11

happy birthday to you...

To the man I adore
The man I love
The man I call Husband and who calls me Wife
Father to our children
that is you
lover, friend, rock and support.

Fantastic washer of dishes and 
driver of vaccuum cleaner 
with ambition and motivation 
and uncanny ability to remember 
when songs were released (month and year!)
and make up nick-names for everyone
I admire all that you are

Happy Birthday to you my love

Love us


  1. What a beautiful post Bren! And that last piccie is magic. SO wonderful to see such gorgeous love out there growing like a wildfire. Happy birthday wishes to your special man...and big bits of cake too. And was the notebook bikini oh my little twinnie :) x x

  2. Awwwww you're gorgeous! Happy birthday Mr Brenda. x

  3. cute pics, sweet post! happy birthday!
    heard you had some yummy cake too ;)

  4. How beautiful. You guys make an awesome couple. x


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