Friday, November 26

spud-licious stamping...

The little people in my life woke before the sun this morning, which makes for a very slow start to the day as you glance to the clock thinking it's surely time for morning tea - nope - it's only 7.30am!!

So, on a whim I thought a spot of potato stamping could be a fun projects to keep us all amused and also be the start of our Christmas Crafting! I decided this stamping could have a dual purpose, and we could use this artwork as wrapping paper for our Christmas gifts....

This is how it was done...

What you'll need!

At least 2 spuds
Some knives
large roll of craft paper (I got mine from officeworks last year)
damp cloth
art smocks

1. First work out what shapes you will like.  We settled on a tree, star, rectangle and bell.  Cut each potato in half length wise and with your smaller knife start to indent your design and then cut it out.

2.  Prepare your paper out on a bench or table and some pots of paint (lucky for me all I could find was red, white and green!)

3.  Get the children decked out in their art smocks (mums - you should put one on too - this can get messy) - and have a damp cloth to wipe stray paint or wipe the spuds before dipping into the next colour.

4.  Give them their spud stamps and let them dip and stamp all over the paper in a random fashion.

I think the tip is to use a paint brush to apply the paint on, so you avoid that splodgy affect - however, with my two, dipping was half the fun.  I did convince them at the end to have a go at this method and we made some cards - which will be great for family, friends and teachers!
Have fun and happy friday xx


  1. We potato stamped at our place a few weeks ago. It occurred to me afterwards that putting down a sheet might have been a good idea. I have lovely potato stamp stenciling all over my back deck!! x

  2. What a great idea and a brilliant way to spend a few hours early in the morning. AND you're alread ahead with your Xmas cards. Good job!

  3. Excellent! I love a bit of potato stamping :) Lou.

  4. Looks great. I love that this is a way that the children are able to really give a gift themselves. I bet the gift recipients will be thrilled. I also saw a tutorial (can't remember where, sorry) that used the stalk end of celery to stamp paper and the stamps ended up looking like roses. You need to cut the stalks off quite close to the end, and then you stamp with the freshly cut bit. You can also cut a little more if you want to change colours, rather than having to wash it. Hope this makes sense. If you are interested though, you should be able to find it via my good friend, google :)

  5. Oh bliss, check it out, best wrapping paper ever. Love Posie

  6. I love potato stamping. It's a timeless classic. You can also use regular cookie cutters to make shapes and then just use the knife to cut away the excess, not that you would need to as it looks like you are much more gifted than i am at making perfect shapes with a knife!

    Hope you get some more rest tomorrow morning.....

  7. Love it! and I think I need a mum sized smock for the next time we do this at our house!!


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