Friday, September 23

budget or blowout?

b or b

You know I love a bit of fashion talk and a little while ago I gave you the challenge to pick the designer from the down right bargin outfits.  Flash your mind back here.  Which set did you pick as the splurge outfit?

Well, it was the set on the left that was the complete blowout .

b or b

Moving on.  New set now.  One set has items under $50, the other over $1000!

Which is the budget and which is the blowout? 

Top or bottom?

I made this set on Polyvore so long ago, that even I forgot which was which!!!



  1. My pick is the top is the Blowout!
    I got it right last time, hoping for 2/2... hehe. xo

  2. I think that the top is the blowout as well. The tailoring on the pants and jacket are what makes the top group look 'pensive.


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