Sunday, September 11

I do fancy the end of winter....

I know....I got off so lightly this year in the "suffering the Melbourne winter"  by absconding to Italy for a whole month.....we've all come back a darker shade (my daughter mostly!!)

And it's been nice getting back into the swing of things.  Things like the Kinder drop off/pick up, the grocery shopping, chatting with friends, going out with some girlfriends, baking, cooking, blogging and...
snapping some Fancy Pants shots.

But Kymmie - here I am.  I'm glad to be back, sharing our fashions loves.  And if you came past yesterday you'd have read that I'm loving getting a little extra wear out of my winter boots.

 So here they are....I love these boots, they just pull straight on and for something a little different I pulled on some over the knee socks that have a cute little velvet bow so that they could peek out over the top of my boots.....

Do have a favourite winter item that just helps you smile during the freeze??

jeans - Gripp
Boots - Tony Bianco
Long black singlet - Sussan
Shirt - Tally Ho
Cardi - Portmans
Earings - Diva
Over the knee socks - Target

Join in the fun of getting fancy with Kymmie here....



  1. Oh my. Aren't you just so fresh looking and gorgeous (what's new?). But the extra freshness must be the holiday for sure!

    Thanks so much for linking up. I didn't even Fancy Pants for two weeks while you were away. Obviously not as inspired when you're in Italy!


  2. You're such a doll Brenda, i was back in boots yesterday too, brrrr, then Birkenstocks today, yay. The weather & my wardrobe is ALL over the place this time of year!!
    Thanks for your most beautiful & sweet words ever on my blog today, you're such a treasure. Love Posie

  3. It finally hit me: you look completely different with your hair pulled back than down. Completely. x


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