Friday, September 23

I'm grateful for...{a good catch up}

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Wow - Grateful Day already!!!  How did that happen....where did the week go?  Are you back yet Bron??  We miss you!  Anyway...I'm not complaining...I love a good excuse to shout out some gratefuls and here are mine for this week.

Today I'm Grateful For...

1. A catch up - this weekend hubby and I are heading out and catching up with some old friends.  As the planning was taking place, more and more friends became aware so our smallish group just became a whole lot bigger.  It's so nice to look forward to catching up with a great group of friends, to celebrate...well, friendship!

2. School holidays - I'm a mother with smallish children, so I haven't yet got tired of school holidays, so to me, I love that we can make plans, go to new places, meet up with friends and have no routine to bother us!

3. Projects - I love a good project....something to sink my teeth into, be a craft, diy, decorating, or planning a bit of a re-vamp....I'm a busy little bee and I think I always have to have something on the go.

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  1. Hi Brenda - I love that whole feeling of having a project on the go too... what is it that they say about idle hands????!!!
    And an extra hurrah for school holidays too. I have some very exhausted small people here who are definately looking forward to some long pj days.

  2. We haven't even reached the school holiday stage yet, but I think I'll be like you in those early years.
    And I hope the catch up goes well. There's nothing nicer than time with good friends. x

  3. Yay for all three.
    Enjoy that catch up, the holidays stretching out in front of you and keeping busy.
    All of those make me smile too.

  4. I love 1 and 3 - 2 is kinda meaningless to me at the moment, my kids are too little. Have a lovely time catching up with friends. What a lovely way to spend the weekend.

  5. Oooo I love the sound of a good catch up :) Have a blast. Wishing I was craft-able, that would be a great way to spend holidays. B xx

  6. Love a good catch up! Hope you have a lovely time & enjoy the school holidays :)

  7. Yay for holidays! I need to get a project on the go, I'm lost without something on the hook..enjoy your friends & the holidays!!

  8. yay! love catch ups! enjoy the weekend! x

  9. I hope your weekend catch up went well, sounds like so much fun!
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