Friday, September 30

Today I'm grateful for.....{conquering fears}

Howdy folks??  how are we all today?  I hope your all well....

Wasn't Bron's little post today cute...a little sad, but cute and so understanding....

This Grateful Link Up is a huge and fun and gives us a great chance to pop on over to new and old blogs and Bron, I'm just forever grateful that you came up with this smashing idea!  

Ok, so what am I grateful for...

1. Conquering fears -  I admit I have a few, but one is a fear of confined spaces.  I don't like them.  I panic, I squirm and squeal and head for the nearest exit.  But whilst in Italy, I got a chance to venture up a narrow, dark and yes, confined stair case of an old castle.  I did it.  I survived. I wont say my fear is conquered...not in the least....but I didn't high tail it out of there and that's the key! 

2. Proof - And I got this photo after all of that!  The photo above is from the lookout of said castle.  Now each time I look at this photo, I don't just see the stunning beach, sand, people and buildings.  I remember what it took to get that shot. 

3.  Colours - you know, Brons post the other day really struck a cord with me.  I'm making a really conscious effort to inject a bit of colour into my world.  I painted some chairs blue, I have plans for a fire-engine red door and I've sworn off buying anything black/grey or beige for my wardrobe.    All in the name of colour. 

Do you have any fears that you've conquered? 
Do you have a favourite bright colour that makes you smile? 
Today we are linking up with the delightfully bright Jody from Lemon Rhodes (Oh Jody!  My favourite colour is lemon!)  

So come and join the fun ! 


  1. Thanks for linking up Brenda, i am doing the same and trying my hardest to only buy colour - no more black! Glad your working on your fears, that photo is just amazing! xx

  2. I have a bit of a fear of flying. I'm getting better, but I did go through a stage there where I was doing some major deep breathing just to survive. Not good when you live on an island state! So I totally relate to your post! :)

  3. Indigo. I love it muchly. Popping over from Jody's place to say g'day and leave some grateful loving. Cazx

  4. Oh I so know what you mean about that particular's my biggest and ugliest! Good on you for conquering..I hope I do one day :)

    Nothing like injecting a bit of colour into one's life either.


  5. I do believe colour is the new black!

    Well done on your visit up the castle, those places are well and truly confined.

  6. Hi, Brenda. I am claustrophobic! When i get into a room with no windows (which is frequent in my job as we go to client's offices), I get by by vigorously fanning myself. This photo is beautiful and I do appreciate it much, much more now that I know what it took to capture this stunning shot. I know what you mean also when you said that this does not mean that you have been cured of your fear. It is indeed a long and difficult process but this is a great start! xx

  7. I love this post Brenda (catching up on your blog today!)

    And after reading pyschadelic grey, I've been thinking how to put more pop into my house too!



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