Friday, September 2

Arrivederci Italia

Yes, were home!  Wow - words cannot really express just what an adventure we had.  Here a few random shots....I'm not going to bore you with my whole collection of snaps...but I may share a few little stories next week....

To fill you in a few details though here's a little snapshot in words
 - weather - perfect!
 - food - sublime
 - plane trip - long (and exhausting!)
 - family - oh just adorable!
 - the kids - they did really well (with a few moments of hysteria thrown in for good measure)
 - budget - stuck to (phew!) 
 - how many gelatos? - I stopped counting after the first week!  Eeek!
 - disasters? - Just one.....will tell you that story next week (now looking back, quite funny ;-)) 

And yes, it's nice to be home....there is no place like home (Dorothy was right!).  The jet lag has, well, lagged around but slowly slowly we are getting back into the swing of things.  I'm looking forward to visiting all my favourite blogs and seeing what you have been up to.....but now I'm off to have some ice-cream and home-made caramel sauce (not mine!) 



  1. Goodbye Italy, but HELLO BRENDA! Welcome back honey. I've missed you. Your small collection of photos looks amaaaazing, and I can just imagine the memories you've made!

    Can't wait to hear more stories, and I hope that jet lag stops lagging about and moves onto someone else!

    Have a lovely relaxing weekend, Beautiful Girl! xxx

  2. Looks & sounds fantastic. Glad it was a great time.

  3. Oh i love it when we're on each other's blogs at the same time, snap Brenda!!
    How could you bare to leave?? I love Italy, there is something magical about it, especially the Italian genes in our children, it's like they-are-home. Gelato, let me count the flavours!!
    Enjoy the memories & bring as much of their culture into your family life daily as you can. Even if it's making your own pasta, yumbo, so mcuh quicker to cook & super delicious. Welcome home, love Posie
    PS took me 10 days to get over jet lag when i left Italy last year (& 44 hours to get home, mercifully not with 4 children, they are fantastic travellers but we all have limits) but i was wrecked & heart broken as my husband went back to war, straight from Rome, sob.

  4. yay, hello Bren!!
    been thinking about you as I wear my gorgeous, gorgeous brooch wondering how you guys are doing.

    good to hear from you & see these beautiful pics.

    hope you had an amazing time & looking forward to seeing you & hearing all about your trip.

    NCB will be back on the 14th sep if you are free.

    big hugs to you sweet gorgeous girl ♥

  5. Welcome back, Bren! Can't wait to read your stories. x


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