Thursday, September 8

Italia Part 3 - {una vespa in miei pantaloni}

There has to be "one" experience that you never ever forget whilst on holidays.  And yes, i will never forget those magical beaches, or the delicious food, our lovely family or amazing walks along cobblestone roads in towns with amazing building and churches.

But alas, here is my little story that perhaps will be memorable for some time....

It all happened when I was trying to be domestic and was doing some washing of clothes which were then diligently hung out on the balcony to dry.  I then packed them back into our suitcase ready.

Festival Day (Ferra Augosta) arrived and it was time to get ready to go out for the night festival.  It was getting fresh, so I got changed into my newly cleaned jeans.....I walked into the hallway and was having a joke with hubby about how my jeans were feeling a little tighter that usual!!!

I bent down to fix them up a little around my ankles....

"owww - what is that!"  I say... "I think there is, like a pin or something sharp, just here in my jeans...owwww it's really hurting."

I put my hand in the inside of my right knee were the pain is coming from and feel....

.......... something moving! 

This is cue for me to start screaming hysterically down the hallway.........

"There is something in my pants!!!!!"  I scream!

At this point my mind can't quite fathom what in fact has decided to invade my minds starts to race...I'm on the floor, kicking and screaming, and trying so desperately to get my jeans off....I start thinking of lengthy stays in hospital, doctors shaking their head, about my leg possibly being amputated and diseases and.....then, i get my jeans past down my knees....hubby doing the best to contain my hysteria!

"Oh it looks like a scorpion!" he says....

Cue even more hysteria from me!

"Oh no, wait, i think it's a wasp....he decided as it flys past his head towards the front door....and kills it with my shoe.

I lay of the floor for some time before i dare look at my leg, and when i do, it seems that the wasp was just as scared as me, as i was of him (or her) and decidedly stung me several times.

Unfortunately it doesn't end there....Oh no, a trip to the village hospital, an injection of cortisone and a few little sobs of relief later and only then was I ready to join everyone at the festival!

These are the snaps from many a night festival we got to experience.

The title of this post translates to "there's a wasp in my pants"

Any unforgettable travel stories???
Please share!


  1. Oh my goodness! I would have freaked out too. But I'm giggling because you did explain it sooo well! (Especially the hysteria!)

    I haven't got a story like that, but remember being on a mounting in Austria and bumping into a girl who I went to school with.



  2. at least it wasn't a spider !!! i know how you just adore spiders .... i am loving the pics, keep em coming, the food OMG so jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it x

  3. YEEEEOUCH! glad it wasn't a scorpion though.
    Thankfully my embarrassing travel moments are not available to the general public and are safely hidden among other uncomfortable and awkward moments in my brain. heh heh

  4. Nooooo - oh no, not a European wasp, they are horrid, dangerous & yes, i'd be freaking out too. I got bitten by a wasp in Katherine Norther Territory & very lady like (pregnant & wrapped in a sarong as it was hot hot hot & i was fat fat fat) i was in a public toilet & came out screaming, dancing about, my husband had to gracefully untangle my sarong to flick the wasp out of my pants, in front of truck drivers (it was a service station of course). It was a good test run for losing all of my dignity during the whole pregnancy birth experience. Glad you fared OK & made the festival in the end. Love Posie

  5. Yes! i was there and i would have thought you would have heard the screams in Australia!!! Love you darling! Pie

  6. Now I know I shouldn't be laughing hysterically, but I so am! Do you remember the frog I had in my pants? Well, a wasp in your jeans is even funnier! And I guarantee that you will be shaking those jeans every single time you go to put them on for the rest of eternity. x

  7. Oh Brenda you poor thing!
    If you hadn't been harmed by it I probably would have had a good laugh but it would have been terrifying.


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