Monday, September 26

city gone country....

Yep....I've gone back to the country for a few days with the kids over the holidays.  It's always a strange kinda feeling, heading into the old country town that you grew up.  Each time I come home something has changed, and somethings will always stay the same.

We took the kids to a new park today and I ran into a school friend of mine (each of us now married with two kids).  We chat, we hug, we laugh and all whilst pushing our babes on swings and dealing with tumbles and tears.

I walk down the main street (yeah, the only street)....stop every few paces to those that recognise me....and me thinking...who are you again? But I nod politely and engage in small talk.....

I'm a country girl I think.  But then again, I'm also very city.  Can you be both? 

I love our little life in Melbourne, but really I have to question whether I just fake I rarely leave my own postcode.  I love hitting the highway and heading into open fields, and food and wine trails that have me salivating for fresh and tasty that sell their wine in their own backyard..

...hmmm country or city.   Which am I?

What are you and how do you know???



  1. I'm from the country. The biggest difference I note between myself and my local friends, they only like to travel to the next suburb, anything further than that they think they need to pack a picnic and therefore avoid it like the plague. I on the other hand pretty much travel all over Melbourne to visit friends. We're travelling an hour in a week or so to go to a 5 year old b'day party. I guess I'm just used to travel, it doesn't bother me, friendship is worth it.

  2. I think you can be both. Maybe be a little bit country when in the city and vice versa.

    Have a lovely time down memory lane.


  3. My story is just the opposite of yours. I grew up and lived in a large city most of my life and just moved the country a couple of years ago. Although I at times miss the city a great deal, I love living in the country and if I had to choose between the two it would be really hard for me to make the choice.

    So yes I think you can be both. I know I am.

  4. Yes you can be both. I live on the edge of the city but will always be a country girl at heart! Cx

  5. I'm definitely a little bit Country. It's where my childhood lives too. I am tied to the city these days but there is no doubt on my mind that I would have gone back to country living had career options been different. Enjoy your holiday! I am heading back 'home' with the kids next week myself. Can't wait! x

  6. I am definitely a 'little bit country'. You can never take the country out of the girl! I like that about myself. I would move back in a heartbeat (maybe not to my home town... but a town somewhere!) but work commitments means we are city people for now. I enjoy knowing and liking both.

    Enjoy your time 'back home'. I will be doing exactly the same thing next week when I take my little tsunamis down to spend the whole week with their Gran and Pops.


  7. I'm definitely a country girl at heart. Although I do love the city conveniences and the more 'alternative' aspects to the city but I just breathe more easily in the country. It is home.

  8. Oh Brenda, I totally understand what you are getting at. I have just spent a week with Mum and Dad at the farm and although was looking forward to be home, I didn't really want to leave. I feel a lot more content when there but I have to wonder if it is just because I am back under Mum and Dad's roof and if I would be as content in my own home in the Country.

    I hope you enjoyed your time away!

  9. Yes, you can be both! I've been accused of being a city girl all my adult life, but grew up in Port Lincoln, Alice Springs and Darwin! None of them very big! Adelaide is where I spent my teenage years, and when I go back, it's the same, but different.

    Or perhaps that's me?



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