Sunday, September 18

fancy pants {street style}

Ok, so I'm not going to lie, this Fancy Pants outfit is from the archives, as currently the only fashion statement I'm making involves surrounding myself around a box of Kleenex, chamomile tea and cozy little slippers with love hearts on them.  They go perfectly well with the watery eyes, headache and red running nose! 

So, instead of missing out on linking up with one of my fav & fashionable bloggers, I thought I would pull this one out of the archives, because, well, it was a memorable night. 

After a lovely dinner out with some smashing friends (sans kids - for all of us!), we talked well into the night and just prior to all heading off home (and a little weary) there was an impromptu fashion shoot in the middle of the street!  Yes, my friends were aware of my Fancy Pants posts...and couldn't resist! 

I can't say that it was the most comfortable of know usually my Fancy Pants shoots are all done in the privacy of my own home...with no one to giggle at me but the kids! 

But this night, we were all giggling!!! 

White Coat - ASOS
red dress - Dotti
Black tights - Coles
Shoes - Siren
Cuff - birthday pressie
lipstick - Revlon - Ravish me Red

Joining up with Kymmie here! 


  1. You might start a new trend with the slippers, lol. Hope you're feeling better soon, looking forward to some summer fancy pants soon!

  2. Love that cream coat with a hint of red. Looks like a very fun night! xx

  3. Feel better soon love! The street style pics are awesome, sounds like a fab night. xo

  4. Oh yes. You looked AMAZING! And the photographers did a great job to bring out your nervous giggles! Nothing like a public photo shoot with people watching!

    So glad you decided to post these photographs. These are just gorgeous!


    PS. I REALLY hope you feel better soon!

  5. Love you Brenda, get well soon honey, wishing you fabulous dinner ensembles again soon, love Posie

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Love your coat and shoes!

  7. poor you, so boring being sick .... thanks for the drill, next time the fairy visits she will be leaving her goodies in one fancy pants letterbox, hugs x

  8. Loving the coat! Hope you feel better soon, Kleenex is not a very fun accessory :(

  9. Memorable indeed and you look FABULOUS! x

  10. You remind me of Charlotte in Sex and the City! Very fashionable, indeed. And very pretty too, even in a laugh-out-loud moment. Hope you're feelin' better. x


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