Tuesday, October 4

How to survive IKEA


Ok, so from the title it's pretty obvious that yes, infact I did manage to get to IKEA. And whilst this girl is a pretty esteemed and experience shopper, for some reason IKEA has me quaking in my boots (perhaps could be that claustraphobic fear!!)

I think I can count on one hand how many times I've actually been to IKEA and the very first time, was unplanned, an accident and reminescent of that episode of Kath and Kim.  I got lost, I got overwhelmed, I didn't follow the arrows, I didn't buy a thing (although I loved heaps)...I was just, not prepared.


So, I'm no expert, but here are my tips if you plan a trip to IKEA...

1. Research - get your catalogue, go online and make a list of what you want.  IKEA website have an online shopping list that you can add items too and when you print it, it will tell you where you need to find them in the self-serve warehouse...so no stressing out if you can't find it in the showroom!

2. Go when it's quiet - I took advice from a lovely blogger that mentioned Mondays are very quiet at IKEA.  Hubby was reluctant to come with me, so he knocked off work a little bit earlier for to me to make the trip alone.  I took out the car seats, emptied the boot and laid the seats down flat already.  It was bliss....me and the five other shoppers were able to breeze about the place with ease!  

3. Get yourself ready - I wore sneakers, a bag I could fling across my body filled with water, pen, paper, my shopping list, measuring tape, a snack and phone (for taking pictures of course!).  Also, measurements of any required space in your home you need to fill with IKEA goods.  No good getting home and spending hours (or days!) putting together the EXPIDET, only to find that it's 5cm too big! 

4. Take your time - Stand back and look at how they set things up.  Even if it is just a $9 lamp.  It will be no good to you if it's not going to work in your space at home.  Sit in the chairs or the sofa, even if it is just to look at that $25 picture frame on the opposite wall.  You'll soon realise if you love it, or need it.

5.  Use the staff - can't find something. ASK.  Can't lift something? ASK.

6. It's not all about the big stuff - Sometimes you'll love the item that cost the least the most....IKEA offer some great quirky items, and seriously silly prices!

and have fun


  1. My hubby really does not like Ikea at all but if I went in with a good plan like yours I'm sure he wouldn't mind as much. Great tips by the way:) I hope you found some great buys!

  2. and then you have to get the stuff you bought into your car ! Candid cameras would be hilarous on the parkinglot of Ikea ... Coming home and putting the things together ...
    you should be able to fix it in just a few minutes ... but reading the manual ... you need a degree ... and then al heap of time to put is together !
    I loooooooove going to Ikea too ;-)

  3. I had to stop going to IKEA for a while, my personality sees the possibilities, but is horrible at execution. I end up with a cart of stuff that doesn't always work.

    Your tips are very helpful, think I may give it one more try.

  4. what about taking your pal around the corner who needs to pick up a cowhide rug !!

  5. Aaah, you sound like the Ikea expert now! Thanks for the awesome advice. I'm so printing out this post for my next visit (which will be very, very soon!)

    I think I've visited Ikea as many times as you... 3 times? Obviously, not enough!



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