Thursday, October 27

my creative space {another one saved}

On a recent trip to the Country to visit the folks, I chanced the opportunity to go to a fav thrift store, and struck it lucky with this delightful little timber side table.  

I could not resist.  And for the stellar price of a little DIY gene was in full swing.

This little table, once a few peices of timber  I would say has been hand-crafted.  It also looks as though it's been painted several times.  Bright orange being one such choice long ago...

So, yes, with those curves it was just crying out for more than just plain paint.  I armed myself with some lovely delux gift wrap, mod podge and a brush and got to it. 

I painted the majority of the table in grey, which is the same paint I used to paint the bottom of these chairs.  I left the top, and the draw and the bottom shelf plain as I wanted to cover them in the gift wrap.

I added the gift wrap to the top and the drawer using mod podge as both a glue and a top coat. I didn't have enough paper to cover the bottom shelf, so instead used a little yellow paint that I had coincidentally bought some time ago, and it matched perfectly. 

And here she all her newly updated DIY glory!
A new drawer knob from provincial living, and it was all done!

I love how it has turned out.  Yellow and grew are just a match made in colour heaven.  I'm also glad I just painted the bottom shelf plain yellow as I think more paper would have been a bit too much. I
 couldn't resist doing a little styling with my newest (old) saved bit of furniture.  

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  1. Looks fab!

    I have been toying with the idea of doing the same thing to my bed side tables. They are woeful and really need to be fixed up!

  2. Great idea and love the end result Brenda!x

  3. Love it!
    I gotta try the old mod podge sometime - sounds like fun!!

  4. Gorgeous! I would never have thought to use wall paper like that.

    Yellow and grey - how could it NOT work?

  5. Oh you are such a clever lady!! I adore it!! The colours are magnificent and look so lovely together. Had a mad podge episode myself recently but not quite so brave (or brilliantly effective!) as yours. So inspiring as always my kindred spirit :) x

  6. Looks fantastic under your yellow print! Well done!!

  7. That is AMAZING Brenda! You clever girl. I just LOVE everything about it. The colour especially!


  8. I love this makeover. Well done! Looks great in your hall there too.


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