Friday, October 28

what was your first????

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During a great catch up with friends, discussion swayed from one hilarious topic to another....

and then....just like that.  silence fell.

I'd asked a question that broke all the little conversations going around the table.   How was I to know it was going to have such a profound effect....So what was it that I asked??

What was your first music single that you bought? Or was gifted?

Ohhhh it has us all thinking back many many years....for some, it was a cass-single, others of the younger variety, remembered their first CD Single and later their first full CD album.    They joy of saving that money, heading down the music store, and then rushing home to hit repeat on the CD player to hear it over, and over, and over.

So, to break the ice, I admitted my purchases first.

My first CD single was "Where do you go" by No Mercy and it came in the little cardboard pocket.   It cost $9.50.

My first Cassette was Tina Arena followed very closely by Micheal Bolton (oh yes, Michael Bolton! The shame!)

Others shared their purchases and it included....Roachford, Michael Jackson, Daryll Braithwaite (yes, the horses song!), Madonna and REM.

So....what was your first music purchase....single, album, vinyl?

Do you remember that moment?



  1. mine was a tape, terrance trent darby !!! and I bought it at the dairy (milkbar) .... !!!

  2. Kylie Minouge "I should be so lucky" on vinyl when I was 8 Dad brought it for me when I broke my arm

  3. My first tape that I loved that my dad bought was 1982 With A Bullet. I still have it! Two of my all time faves are on it: My Angel is a Centrefold and Hey Mickey. You can't get better than that!! x

  4. John Farnham, Whispering Jack, from Santa! Showing my age!

  5. I think I had janet jackson on record.

  6. I'm going to show my age lovely girl but mine was Banarama!! Followed closely by Cyndi Lauper, Rick Astley and Bonjovi. Must have driven my parents bonkers!! Kmart music section for moi. Oh the memories...maybe a visit to itunes may be in order. Hope all is lovely in your world :) xx

  7. Oh! I love this! My first album was somethingI won! My sister entered me into a competition to win a signed Pseudo Echo album when I was about 4 or something! They also sent me a signed EP because they thought I dodn't receive my album. My brothe bought me Guns n Roses Appetite Fro Destruction for my 7th birthday - vinyl again. Then I saved up all of my cash as a kid & bought Bon Jovi New Jersey on cassete from Brashs & I remember it cost me $16! xx

  8. I was handed down a few records before I before some, but the first single I bought with (most of) my own money was "Legs" by ZZ Top, on 7-inch vinyl. First album, on tape mind you, was that wonderful collection known as "Shakin' '84" at the ripe old age of 8.

  9. Boy George and the Culture club, followed by Mel and Kim, then Icehouse. All on vinyl. Sad.

  10. I'll never forget - mine was INXS. Still love the album, too! Who'd have thought...

  11. Hilarious! I don't remember my first cassette. I do remember owning a Mel & Kim one though and an Elton John album. I do remember my first CD album purchase and that was counting crows.

  12. I love this post!

    My first tape was gifted - given by my friends for my 16th birthday. It was Kate Cebrano. My second tape was 1927 - given to me by a boy I loved ;)

    One of my first CDs was Michael Bolton too. I even went to his concert. He was faaaabulous!

    You're so cute!

  13. The Bangles and Whispering Jack.
    But I remember being super jealous of my neighbour who had Madonna on transparent blue vinyl. I so wanted that vinyl!

  14. I remember my first tape single. It was gifted to me for christmas (with a hot pink boombox. It was Kylie Minogue's Locomotion.


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