Tuesday, May 31

fancy pants {budget or blowout?}

Can you pick a bargin?

Or do you know your designer clothes from a mile away?

Can you sniff out an imitation or are you just after style and comfort?

With little ones still sick, and not feeling up to photographing any wardrobe styles, I was having a bit of fun on polyvore, and came up with a bit of a challenge for you.  One of outfits below is a collection of clothes from the $50 and under range, whilst the other is from the $1000 plus range. Can you guess which is which?  I love them both of course, but doesn't it prove fashion doesn't have to cost a bomb! get all fancy over here too! 


  1. Gosh I really have no idea when it comes to picking a fake from the real thing and while I love both of these looks I would have to say that I think the one on the left with the pops of turquoise is probably the higher of the range :)

  2. FUN game! Hehe. I love that bag on the right but I'm guessing the left side is the designer clothes. Geez, hope I'm right! xo
    Hope the kiddies feel better soon.

  3. I love the outfits you have chosen. Could you come shopping with me as I often make dreadful choices.

    I think the set on the right is in the money. More understated with natural fibres I think.

  4. I am thinking the one on the right is the $$$$ breaker (but really have no idea:)

    Loving the colours though - great job - hope the little ones are feeling better soon.

  5. I took a good hard look at the shoes...that was the only thing for me that would give it away. They look to be better quality so I'm guessing the left side.

  6. Oh, I'm loving your style whatever the cost. But I'm guessing the luxe is on the left, and the less is on the right?

    I can imagine you in all of those beautiful pieces. And you'd be one of those rarities that look fabulous in yellow!



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