Sunday, May 15

fancy pants {summer lovin'}

It's time to accept that sunny days, bare arms and gelato are well and truely over.....

So, are you ready for the winter chill?  Well, if you live in Melbourne that winter freeze has already graced us with her presence that see's my heater running all day, my slippers on all the time and several cups of tea being made to savour the warmth and curl my fingers around the cup. 

But a few weeks ago, when those last few rays of sunshine were shining, my daughter and I were savouring it.  Her favourite outfit this Summer has been a singlet and knickers.  That's it.  I'm struggling to convince to wear more layers these days. So we've compromised that she can wear the singlet over a skivvy!  Sometimes!

My favourite outfits have most certainly been dresses and skirts. This circle skirt, made by me, and such a cinch, it literally took me less than an hour to whip up, has me wishing it was Summer again! 

My daughter thought it was worth dancing about, so I joined her.  

 If you fancy a circle skirt for yourself or a little girl you know, you can find this awesome tutorial here and get to it.

Otherwise, just take a snap of an outfit you love to wear and link up with my favourite fashionista. 

Top; Ojay
Skirt; made by me,
Shoes; Myer
Hat; Sportsgirl



  1. Phew! I'm glad you mentioned these pics were from a few weeks ago as I'm sitting here cold, rugged up and thinking GEEZ, why wasn't the sun out today over my house??!! hehe Love the skirt fabric.. have too many tutorials to try and not trying any at all! ;)

  2. Great skirt, well done! Cant believe that's it for sunshine and warm weather for us now ;-(

  3. beautiful skirt!! just right for, but where are your daughter's fancy pants?? (or any pants for that matter - tee hee!!)
    hope you had a great weekend - better rug up for the week ahead...brrrrr

  4. hehe - I too was wondering how you managed to be warm enough to be wearing a skirt (or knickers as the case may be!) in this cold weather.

    Love the skirt.

  5. Just lovely - even if I'm shivering just looking at the pics, wearing woolly leggings and two pairs of socks!

  6. Your skirt is fabulous as is your backyard sashaying!! Love that your poppet likes to keep it simple in the attire department. I think Bijou and her could be twins too. Wishing you some warm days :) xx

  7. Great skirt. Great legs!

    What fab photos, Bren. x

  8. What gorgeous photos! J certainly is quite an avid photographer. Perhaps he'll do that on the side after juggling the stock markets?

    Great pictures. And beautiful clothes. I'd just love to wear something I made (and not be laughed at)!

    Oh, and I have a friend who has a daughter who dresses like yours. Apparently, it's totally normal! xxx


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