Sunday, May 8

fancy being a mum....

Has your fashion style changed since being a mum?

And i don't mean in the obvious, avoid the muffin top or bits and bumps that weren't there before you had kids, i mean, your style?

Do you feel the need to dress more demure, more your age (that is if you dressed younger that you felt you should!) or do you dress more practically (the kind where mini skirts are a no-go due to the amount of bending down to attend to your brood!)

For me, i'm re-discovering lots of styles i love that can work for me.  I love dresses and skirts as opposed to pants and jeans, but sometimes it can seem a little dressy.  But pairing it down, even adding a slight work-wear casual look has me looking polished but it's not a hard to wear outfit.   And I've always loved winter boots!

We've had a lovely simple Mother's Day here.  I got a lovely new Cookbook that I can't wait to try heaps of recipes.  I've been picking it up and reading pages all day.

Joining in with this very fashionable mumma!
What ever it is you got up to today, I hope you've had a marvellous day!  And Happy Mothers' Day to my mum too!

Shirt - Basque
Jumper - Portmans
Skirt - Sussan
Leggings - Miss Shop
Boots - Tony Bianco
Cookbook - My mothers day gift from my kids



  1. You really can pull off ANY look gorgeous girl!!!! Love, love, love my boots (similar to yours believe it or not!) and will live in them all winter I'm sure. I think my style is changing but not just because I'm a Mumma but maybe cause I'm 34. I start to ask myself, "Mutton dressed as lamb???"...I know Sarah Jessica Parker but I think I'm a little less out there now. So glad you had a special day wonderful friend. Have a brilliant week :) x x

  2. Definitely!!! I'm always conscious that at some point I'll be crawling around on the ground while trying to pin down a squirmy toddler to changing a nappy - so jeans are pretty much always the go (for durability as well as modesty!!)
    You look gorgeous though - and very stylish in your demure practicality!!)
    have a great week

  3. maggies sourcream pastry changed my life !!! will be over soon to have a look thru that book :)

  4. Believe it or not but I was quite the tomboy throughout my teens and would never be seen sporting a dress or skirt. Once I became a mum I started to want to be more feminine in what I wore and now live in dresses and skirts with the odd pair of jeans thrown in for good measure :)
    Loving this look on you.

  5. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you'll be sharing some delicious dishes from the cookbook soon.
    Oh look, yesterday I was wearing a white shirt, skirt and boots too! heehe...but I want YOUR skirt... xo

  6. I love winter boots ... love them. I dont know how much my style has changed since I had my kids, but one thing I know for sure - a good bra and undies is a must for me now!!

  7. Looking gorgeous as per usual Brenda! Looking forward to seeing some of those recipes from your new book. I'll be living in my boots this winter also.

  8. You're looking fab, Bren!

    My style hasn't changed a bit. That's probably my problem!!

  9. Oh Brenda, you look fantastic. And I can just tell that you have always been stylish - even with your lovely little ones! Yes, I've swapped high heels for flats, and definitely confess to losing the plot there somewhere after the birth of both my lads, but I sure hope I've got my mojo back.

    You look scrumptious as usual! I love that skirt (and have never tried this look myself). But after seeing how you rock this look, I'm off to purchase something tulipy!

    Happy Mother's Day. You are an awesome mum (and one of those yummy mummies too)! xx


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