Friday, May 27

a birthday bunting

A few weeks ago, my foodie loving, baking queen extraordinaire, gorgeous looking, and down right awesome friend celebrated her birthday.  The lovely thing is that a few weeks prior we happened to laugh at the ridiculous apron she was using (oh if you had of seen it!)  and my mind started racing....

.....then there was then some mention of a cute kitchen bunting that was admired somewhere in blogland...

.....and my mind started racing again.  If you recall - last year, I made this after some discussion about how cute crocheted cushions were!

Well, with a thrifted vintage tea towel with the most gorgeous colours and beautiful bird print, some other retro inspired fabrics, a splash of doilies here and there and voila!  One custom made Apron and matching Kitchen Bunting!

The tea towel was large enough to use as pockets on the apron (those lovely birds weren't going to get cut up!) and the rest made part of the bunging.  I also struck it lucky at an op shop - a vintage Johnson plate!

 Do you love making special gifts?  I do!  Especially a practical gift like an apron that will get used over and over!!!



  1. Just brilliant! She is going to love it I am sure! Putting the effort into something that you know is going to be useful and appreciated makes it all the more worthwhile. I have just discovered the sewing bug. Very early days yet, but I am loving the possibilities for gifts among many other things!

  2. Love it all, looks amazing & how lucky Mrs Foodie Friend has a beautiful, thoughtful & generous friend in you. Those colours scream "my childhood kitchen". Love Posie

  3. Oh so lovely!
    I like to give handmade gifts too if I can. Just more special and appreciated I think. xo
    Have a good weekend girlie. :)

  4. I so love this. The colours are all Autumn and nostalgia.

  5. Yes I am big on giving handmade it :)
    Your apron is not only practical but very stylish and the bunting looks great.

  6. I think I can guess who the baking queen is and I am sure she loved them.

  7. Handmade gifts are the best arent they! And this bunting and apron - just gorgeous! You are one clever lady!


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