Thursday, May 13

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It's my dear friend from Pod and Three Peas Birthday tomorrow - so we mum's and our combined four children got together this morning for a catch up.  A while back we were chatting about learning to crochet.  At the time I had been working on some granny squares for a winter blanket and happened to mention that if I couldn't be bothered making enough for a blanket I could just make a crochet cushion.  I saw the sparkle in her eye as my dear friend loves all things retro and what would be more 70's than a crochet pillow adorning your bed or couch.  So I offered to make her one for her birthday!  I picked classic retro colours in creams, mustard, orange and a hint of teal.

I didn't realise what a challenge this would be.  It was fine making the granny squares - although please note I am still a very beginner crocheter!  The trouble I had was working out how to convert it into a pillow!  I had three attempts, all slightly different, and then settled on treating the crochet part like any other piece of fabric - and I'm really happy with the results.  So today I gave Paula her Birthday presents....

But what would a birthday present be if you know what you are getting, so I made another cushion from my thrifted linen finds the other week and was delighted when I found a little side plate in the Johnson range that Paula collects at an op shop in the country. I did make a little crochet trivet/hot pot holder thingy, but didn't remember to photograph it!

How nice it feels to give handmade and thrifted items....xx

Happy Birthday Pod xx

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  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Your friend must have been over the moon. I think your crocheting looks awesome. If my beginning attempts look like that I will be super chuffed. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week :)

  2. Wow, now you've inspired me to go ahead and learn to crochet! Your grannies are lovely, and she's a lucky friend to get such thoughtful gifts.

  3. very nice! Who wouldn't want such a fab thrifty, handmade gift? xx

  4. really really greaaaaat! :D


  5. Super lovely, nothing better than handmade gifts with SUCH thought behind them, gorgeous friend you are!! Love Posie

  6. Fantastic! You have made such a lovely and thoughtful gift. Lucy friend! :)

  7. Oooh, the colours are so pretty, I am very impressed. I don't even know how to do a granny square lol.


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