Sunday, May 16

Sunday, happy Sunday

It's a been a delightful weekend and I'm a bit sad that it's coming to an end.  The boys were away (husband and son) so that left the girls (me and my daughter) to play - and play we did.  Her playing and mine - which meant cooking (us), drawing (her), playing with her brothers train set without protest (her again....shhhh dont tell), buying fabric (me), reading (both of us), endless cups of tea (me and her finishing off the reset) and just a tad of housework (me, of course with my little helper to hand me pegs or assist with sponge or broom).

It's lovely just to spend some one on one time with my youngest, as she never got that alone time I did with my first born.  She has relished my attention and soaked up the idea that she can have free-rein of the toys without dispute, argument, negotiation and compromise!  Ah bliss.

And heres a sneak at what I got up to whilst she was having some shut-eye.

A bit of reading - real living mag, material obsession book (bought at social club book club for $12) and book lovers book journal (mother's day pressie) which is to record books I've read and my thoughts about them! 

Worked on a few cot quilts (after perusing Material Obsession) how could one not want to make a quilt?

Amazingly I finished one!  It's a small cot quilt or baby play mat.  I used a screen printed panel and then just created the rest by adding different colours and patterns including stripes and oriental inspired fabric. I only top stitched a small section as I didn't want to detract from the overall look of the quilt.  

Now the house smells of roasting vegies and rosemary and the boys have just arrived home - so I'm off to get updated about their adventures, share mine and get some cuddles as well. 

Hope you all had a great weekend...xx


  1. What a brilliant weekend!!! Such yummy Mumma and daugher time. I have wanted to buy Material Obsession as I thought it might give me some inspiration to start my first ever quilt. Too tricky for a newbie??? Your quilts look wonderful. So glad you had a special weekend and hope that it sets the tone for the rest of the week :)

  2. what a lovely weekend! sounds like lots of quality girly time, for both of you. enjoy your roast and have a wonderful week : )

  3. Mmmm roast veggies and rosemary- amazing idea! Thanks for getting my dinner plans started. Sounds like a great weekend. xo

  4. Hey our two kids are the same ages... My poor littlest boy doesn't get much undivided attention either. Those quilts are looking fabulous and I'm most envious of your beautiful top-stitching efforts there... So lovely and even.

    Ps I'm just catching up on back posts having just become acquainted with your blog, hence the stalker-like number of comments :)


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