Wednesday, May 26

Italiano notte {Italian night}

Late last year my husbands family were contacted by some relatives in Italy they didn't even know they had.  My father-in-law discovered he had an older brother (now dec.) who was given up for adoption by his mother at birth and this was kept a secret until now.  He married and had children (my father-in-law's neices and nephews and my husbands cousins). This picture is of him and his family some time ago.  He and my father-in-law share the same name and they look very very alike.  It has been very overwhelming for everyone involved and the international phone calls have been constant and a great way to communicate.  However, some of them are now planning a trip to Australia to come and visit all of us.  We are very excited, but that quickly turned to trepidation as my Italian speaking skills need improvement.    It gave me flash backs to the days in the class room with "Avanti" on my desk.  All I can remember is 'Dario, Dario sei sempre in retardo!' and "Angela, chuidi la porta."  Some how telling them that they are late or asking them to shut the door just wont cut it!

My husband is Italian and can speak the language (albeit dialect) but to feel confident when they arrive, my husband and I have now starting having weekly 'Italian Classes' at home.  Last night was one of them and we used this cheap little kit I bought off ebay.  It comes with CD's, translation book, excercises and the best part I love is these cute little flash cards with words and phrases in English on one side and Italian on the other!  They make learning fun as we sit down together with a glass of vino and quiz each other for a few hours!

  Our newly found relatives come and visit me at my blog...

Ciao Salvatore, ciao Anna! Com e la tua famiglia?  Io sono pratica parlare Italiano cosi tua arriviamo.


  1. "come ti ciami?" "mi ciamo emma" (not so sure of the spelling there!) we used the same italian books at our school!! what a great incentive to re-learn italian!

  2. good for you two, so cute sitting around with a glass of vino having a giggle, sounds like a date night to me bella xxx


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