Monday, May 3

at my house .....

Worms anyone??  Over the last few years I have been breeding, feeding and composting worms!  My dad bought me a worm farm a few Christmas' ago and whilst I am no green thumb, it is great for composting all your kitchen scraps and it reduces the waste that goes into landfill.  The worms work tirelessly to munch through vegies, fruit peel, brown paper, egg shells, tea bag and coffee grinds to produce a lovely rich concentrated fertilser (A.K.A - worm pee)!  I just dilute with water and use on the garden!

Sometimes I manage to fill a 2 litre ice-cream container of scraps a day and my son really is beginning to understand the concept of recycling, which is really nice.   Today I am cooking a yummy pot roast, so I had heaps of scraps I thought I would take a photo and show you what was happening at ours!  To play along visit Lou.


  1. Thanks for playing along. We had worms for a while too but unfortunately we didn't give them enough scraps and water and they recently died - oops. Glad yours are going well. Hope you enjoy your dinner. Sounds great. Lou.

  2. I love our compost and unlike my dear sister who posted above, mine are thriving! ;) through pure luck I can tell you! I was lucky enough to inherit one when we bought this house. Our Mum was quite the worm connoisseur though and she has told me that worms do not like onions and citrus - apparently the acids can kill them.... you don't seem to have found that?

  3. yes F-G-B - I did hear that worms don't like citrus too (which is a good thing because I love it and eat the lemon peel myself!), so I don't give them too much and I only add in onion peel, not onion. Perhaps my worms have a hard constitution, because they are thriving!

  4. you eat the lemon peel? straight? or mixing the zest in with things..... i have been looking for uses for my lemons, so maybe I should send you over a batch!

    I use onion all the time, so maybe I might start popping the peel in also.

    I am intrigued that you breed them - do you then sell them?


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