Monday, May 31

at my house.....

Today at my house I have one extra - child that is.  Monday mornings are busy busy as we start the week off with an early morning Kinder session, so today I picked up my son's little friend too and he came home with us for some lunch and a little play whilst his mum gets a few things done.

So the chaos has died down as the empty tummy's have been filled and my little toddler is fast asleep, so now the two boys can get on with playing.  I love listening to their little conversations about toys, families and just stuff - it's really sweet.

I just had time to snap a few pictures - first of their Kinder bags left on the deck as they ran outside towards the trampoline.

And these great action shots - coz of course boys aint boys without a bit of action! 

Playing along with Lou today - so what's happening at your house??  Lou's also asking what you like/dislike about winter (seeing as today is the last day of Autumn).

Hmmmm....stuff I like about winter are things like comfort food, red wine, snuggling up with blankets and loved ones, cups of tea, listening to the rain, warm overcoats and lovely scarves and winter hats! Me, my son and daughter are all born in winter so birthdays each winter month will be lovely. What I dislike are really just quite boring and practical like the struggle to get the washing dry (or your washing finally dry and then it rains and it's still on the line), the fact that my kids LOVE to play outside and sometime the weather is not permitting and my huge gas bill I get around September, but other than that it's all good and makes me appreciate Spring that little more!

Now I'll go see what happening at your house....


  1. Lovely day at your place, enjoy, love Posie

  2. Love the trampoline shot. I am so glad our kinder is on wednesday this year - gives me a little time to ease into the week. So nice to swap kids around a bit with friends to give other mums a bit of space.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.


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