Tuesday, May 25

talented crafters

I love receiving handmade things..... and yesterday the postie delivered me two such wonderful parcels.......

The first was this gorgeous knitted cardigan for my daughter with crochet flower pocket and ladybird detail buttons.  I found it on Etsy and loved it so much but it wasn't in her size, so I contacted the seller - Margaret, who lives in Ireland and loves to spend time knitting and crafting.   We corresponded about what I was looking for and she made me this...AND included a sweet beanie and two little headbands, they are just so beautiful.  Check out Margarets new little store here.

The second parcel was a giveaway I entered at My Little Birdie and I won!  So this gorgeous bag is mine and I was blown away by the generosity when I discovered these little extra's too - some hand made vintage style cards and two blocks of milka chocolate (needless to say me and kids got stuck into the chocolate straight away!).  Check out My Little Birdie's sweet little blog here and don't forget to check out her Made It store too!

I am always in awe and admiration of crafters and these two lovely ladies are no exception!  Even though we live in a modern virtual world, it has it's benefits as it offers the privilege of searching for handmade goodness all over the world!

Wishing you all a happy crafty day!


  1. lucky you on winning the giveaway! milka is my all time favourite chocolate. my sisters and i discovered it on a trip to switzerland many moons ago. i saw some in aldi recently and just had to snap it up.

  2. That little cardie and its matching lovelies are so sweet. I must go and check out her shop. Lucky you winning that great bag...and choccie! Wee hoo :)

  3. thanks brenda! : ) and you're very welcome i'm so glad you like it. thank you for the beautiful post! xo


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