Thursday, May 27

my creative space...

Today I am reminded of those sleep deprived days of early motherhood.  The middle of the night feeds,  the creeping around the house so as not to disturb the 'finally' sleeping child, only to drop a tissue or flush the toilet and the wails can be heard as you cringe and calculate how long they have been asleep for and work out if is it worth re-settling.  Well, it's not that my children have reverted back to infant-hood, but today I am feeling somewhat sleep deprived as my head finally hit the pillow at close to 1am, only to be woken at 5am by my son who thought that was a reasonable time to start the day - ah...the joys.

Luckily my Letter Box Fairy made a special delivery yesterday and left me a whole tray of yummy ginger crunch, which I am told is a Kiwi thing.  It is so delicious that I just had to have some with my morning tea (that was after a very strong coffee when it was still dark outside).

So taking it easy kids love to draw, paste, cut and create (oooh sounds just like me!)  so after an early morning session of craft, we've hit the pavement to post out a few parcels and my mind is racing over what I am going to do with these great fabrics.  Just simple pinwale cord in a gorgeous deep red and fantastic teal green/blue!  I want to add a few clothing pieces to my stash that I take to the Sugar and Spice Market and I thought these were great winter colours.

What's your creative space look like today??  join in at Kirsty's! See you there!!


  1. What yummy fabric! And I'm hearing you about the sleep deprivation. Poppet is cutting her last eye tooth and we had a night worse than any when she was a newborn. But half past six she was awake and ready for the day! Not as bad as 5 though you poor love. Not even the dark seems to keep them down some days. Hope you've had plenty of ginger crunch to get you through....and maybe takeaway tonight :)

  2. Yum! Hope you get some more sleep soon. Love the fabrics. xo m.

  3. how sweet is the letter box fairy! lucky you.
    i have that fabric too! i'm making a top with it. i've had to be very careful because it's really thin & tears easily. wanted to make a dress with it but had to change plans. Can't wait to see what you create with it.

  4. haha: i'm in the same boat. sometimes i'm not sure if our babe is in his bed, our bed, or how who got where. sewing keeps me sane anyway, seems it does you too!

  5. Ginger crunch? Dang I wish I had a letterbox fairy! Who is this fairy? Where's MY crunch?

    I'm so impressed that your kids like to create. Must have good attention spans!

    We're all too familiar with the 5am daytime start I'm afraid. Never nice after a late night or a broken sleep...


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